Junipers are turning brown & thinning out

Shabacca(7)July 7, 2014

Could someone please tell me what's wrong with my junipers and how I can cure them. The browning and thinning have been happening for several years.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

google: juniper tip blight


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Ken, Thanks for identifying the problem. Do you know what I should do to stop the Tip Blight?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you need to confirm such ....

i got rid of all mine that were susceptible ... lol.. not much help eh???

google the term... i am sure you will be overwhelmed with info ... i did not care to spray them as required ... so i lost interest at that point in learning the process...

they are conifers.. there is a conifer forum ... and MAYBE some peeps there have dealt with such ... but i would bet most of what you will hear is getting rid of them.. and planting a resistant variety.. or better yet.. something else ...

your county extension office might have info on such also ....

do not start spraying chemicals until you verify the disease ... and a good way to start is to figure out which juniper you have [the second latin name] .... not all Js are susceptible ... i would hate for you to spray.. only to find out it was winter damage.. or some such .... and that is one reason i dont want you to get the ID from some guy who sells chemicals ... they always seem to have a spray to sell .... whether you need it or not ....


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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

Are they planted in a wet area? It doesn't take much moisture for junipers to be too wet for them. How is the drainage? Is the soil 'heavy'.

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Mike, the, junipers are planted on a slope and get full sun. The draining is good. No standing water. I don't know what you mean by "heavy" soil. Thanks for your response.

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Ken, I'll check and see the type of junipers I have and then ask my question in the conifer forum. Removing the Junipers are not an option. It took 25 years to get them as large as they are. I must save them. Thank you.

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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

They look like Juniperus sabina, 'Tamariscifolia', commonly called Juniper Tam.
Are they getting overspray from the lawn watering?
Sulfer is used for Juniper Tip blight.
I agree on leaving them there if at all possible. Rarely do I see them planted with enough room to grow without being ugly sheared. They are doing the job as intended...a low barrier from the road.
Heavy soil is slow draining and usually smaller particles than sandy soil. Think dense loam or clay. Soil you can wad up and make a ball.
Just taking a guess, they're getting supplemental water from a sprinkler and the basic soil is on the sandy side.

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Unfortunately, juniper tip blight is endemic in western WA on susceptible species because of our mild, moist springs. Once you have it you will always have it. You can attempt to keep it in check but you will never be completely rid of it unless you replace with resistant cultivars.

The recommended controls are to prune out and destroy ALL affected branches, sterilizing your pruners between cuts. Avoid damage to the plants (no dogs or anyone walking over them, car doors, etc.) Avoid overhead irrigation......most junipers don't need much irrigation anyway :-) Prune to create decent air circulation if possible. Sulfur may have some effectiveness but the recommended chemical control is a mancozeb-based product or Phyton 27 sprayed at 2 week intervals in spring.

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Mike, You're right they are Tams and I have been over spraying them when I water the lawn. I will try to avoid that in future watering. Thanks for your explanation of heavy soil.

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Gardengal48. Thanks so much for you reply. I'll probable have a professional spray them when the time is right. In the mean time, I'll trim as much as I can and stop over-spraying them.

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