Lumpy goldfish

bruce_ca(z10 and z8 CA)December 28, 2006

A whole bunch of our goldfish have these little bumps on them. The bumps are about the size of...BBs and don't seem to cause any drama for the fish. The comets are from 4"-6" or so and just seem happy as pie, but with bumps.

Any ideas what it is or if it's something I should worry about? Our pond is about 5k gal and well filtered (the water test always comes back with flying colors).

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PKponder TX(7b)

Are the 'lumps' concentrated around the gills and white in color? If so, they are simply 'breeding stars' and will be visible on your male goldfish. When I first saw them on my goldfish, I was sure that they had some awful disease.


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bruce_ca(z10 and z8 CA)

Nope. they're pretty randomly placed over the body of the fish.

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horton(6 b Ontario.)

Bruce, goldfish can have little white bumps that are quite benign. You can often see these on fish in colder northern ponds after winter, but the bumps disappear as the water warms up.
There is a disease called Fish pox (also called carp pox or skin papilloma ).
Caused by a virus, it forms small white spots that are opalescent. These merge, causing large patches and later they turn reddish-grey, it mainly affects carp of which family, goldfish and koi are part of.
You could "Google" the names above, to find out more information on the disease.
Check on Koi Vet's site under "Lumps and Bumps".
It would be wise in any case, just to keep a close eye on the bumps.

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2 of my fish have 1 bump each, 1 on the head the other on the side of the body. No worries?

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I have a shubunkin that had a large lump on it's side that just kept growing but the fish was fine. Tried quarantining the fish and treated with metromeds--bump went down a little but came back. Fish is about 4 yrs old now. However, some of my other goldfish--the wakins also got bumps so whatever the shubunkin has may be contagious. The shubunkin I left in the pond along with a couple of the wakins that had bumps--my test fish to see if they could survive the ice. Bubbler kept a hole open all winter but had the deep end covered with insulation. Don't know if the fish survived yet.

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