Nymphaea Caerulea indoors?

ImeeraDecember 2, 2012

I am looking for information on how to grow and tend this plant. I have found out how to get it to germinate but I am missing information on how to tend it as its growing, pruning, temperature and UV needs too. Unfortunately I have to raise them inside in a tank as outside is way too cold for them to grow even in summer. Has anyone grown them successfully inside?

I am thinking of building a tank of acrylic thats about 80cm long 25cm deep and 30cm wide for now but will get bigger after a while whyen I have more money. I am guessing I will need a water heater and/or a UV lamp for plants to keep it around 18-25C.

My questions:
Would I need to adjust the temperature to mimic the temperature in Egypt during the season so cooler in Winter and hotter in Summer for the flowers to bloom or keep it at a constant temperature?

Do I need a water heater, plant UV lamp (there is little or no sun in the room I will have to keep them in) and/or a water pump to add oxygen into the water?

How to I prune the plant so wont overcrowed the small tank I will have?

What fertilizer should I use and how much should I use a week/day/month? Apparently it needs a high concentration of nutrients.

How do I keep the water clear from algae and other organisms (including pests and diseases) that would compete for nutrients and oxygen?

Thats all I can think of, an answer to any of these questions would be great even if they apply to waterlillies of other species the Blue Lotus should be quite similar I am guessing.


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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Sounds like an aquarium.?? lol Not sure about the species you name but most WL are very demanding of light
and they generally get rather large, plus the leaves float so difficult to provide light. You could use a fiberglass stock tank if you don't need an underwater view using HID
lights suspended above the tank.
I think the best if you intend to keep it indoors for the duration a large aquarium would be the best choice.
Then you'd be able to keep fish / the myriad of other aquatic plants. They make tons of equipment for aquariums
with many choices of filters,lights heaters
Have grown several species of the very dwarf types of water lily that keep leaves under 5 inches using HID lights suspended above the tank . Main problem was shadowing so required very low light types for underplanting. You might visit some of the Aquarium sites on the web ,will give you a lot more specific info, gary

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