Rose that do well in the tropics. (Specifically Philippines)

Ronn BonitesMarch 3, 2013

Hello, I just want to ask if there are roses that do quite well in tropical climates. I have an unknown dark red HT growing quite well on my rooftop and I would like a companion for it.

Also, are there any nurseries that ship to the Philippines? It's quite hard to find specific rose varieties here. Most roses here are cut flowers.

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In a word, yes. Try looking up tea roses and china roses. Also, if I were you I would look at the Bermuda Rose Society web site at "" - it is not exactly the same climate, of course, but they are tropical, and are very active, and I am sure if you look at the web site and/or contact them you will get some good advice.


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There is a hybridizer from India, M.S. Viraraghavan, who is specializing in warm climate roses. Below is a link to some info about him. Unfortunately can't give you any help on a source to buy them.

Here is a link that might be useful: M.S. Viraraghavan

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plantloverkat north Houston(zone 9a)

I think that Roses Unlimited is the main commercial source of roses bred by Viraraghaven, but I am not sure if they ship outside the United States. Rogue Valley Roses does international shipping, but they only carry a few of his roses.

Here is a link that might be useful: Viraraghavan roses at Rogue Valley Roses

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Ronn Bonites

Thanks for the replies everyone! I think Tea roses would be lovely with their fragrance! Gonnacheck Roses Unlimited and Roses in Bermuda.

Also, one more question. Would Black Baccara or Black Jade grow well in my climate? I really like "black" roses.

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Does the Filipino government allow importation of plants and roses from around the world? The US has very restrictive regulations on importation of plants and I wonder how your country is.

If you are able to import I'd check Japan and Australia for possible rose sources as well as the US/Bermuda sources you mentioned. I think that Japan and Australia are closer to you than the US or Bermuda.

If you contact the Viraraghavan's in India through helpmefind, they may be able to tell you about possible nursery sources. Do you know about, a world wide rose data base?

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Ronn Bonites

Yes. I have an account on I just signed up recently though.

We have an importing procedure here where the importer has to acquire a permit to import though.

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Ronn Bonites

Another question, when do I prune my roses? Do I do hard pruning or just light pruning?

We have a cold "Winter" season here by December to February when temperatures drop to 21 to as low a 18 degrees Celsius. (70-64 F) Will my Hybrid Tea be unharmed, and would that be a good time to prune?

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Your hybrid tea will be confused that it is still so warm in WInter! That's warmer than we are here in the WInter (40s - 50s F), but the roses will not go dormant. We prune our hybrid teas here in Jan - Feb. Whether you prune lightly or hard depends on the type of rose it is - only real hybrid teas like to be pruned much at all. All other kinds of roses (such as tea roses, china roses, etc ) should only be pruned to take out any dead wood, and to shape the plants to keep them off the paths, etc. Do not take more than 1/3rd of the size of these roses.


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If you would consider other colors I would say Double Delight and Belinda's Dream. Double delight is a white/cream color with bright pink on the outer petals and they turn mostly pink as they open all the way and it has a really strong kind of spicy rose smell. The Belinda's Dream rose is a nice hardy shrub rose that requires little to no pesticide (It's classified as an Earth Kind rose since you basically plant it and forget about it lol). It is a lighter pink, makes very full roses, 100+ petals, and has a wonderful sweet smell.

Both of those are the only two roses I have (out of the 25 I own) that do not wilt in our summer heat. The double delight in particular just keeps blooming year round like crazy for me.

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I grew roses in S.E. Florida for a long time. Most modern roses (HT,Flor, Teas, Mini/minifloras) and a good number of the repeat flowering OGR's grew and bloomed beautifully for me. They never went dormant, I just stopped feeding them in Nov thru mid March. Then just shaped the bushs the way I needed. A lot of the bush's get pretty big. As far as Black Jade goes, It grew and bloomed like crazy. Beautiful little rose. For best color, give it afternoon shade. If you can get roses in from out of country, look up a rose society in Northeast Australia. Their climate should be fairly close to yours.

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Ronn Bonites

Oh, so HTs really like hard pruning! Thanks Jackie.

I've heard of Double Delight before. I seen a lot of good reviews about it. Plus the fragrance makes it even better in my book. I'll definitely consider that if I find one. Belinda's Dream sounds like it would be a great rose to breed with! Very disease resistant and sweet-smelling are big pluses on my book! I also like its shade of pink.

Yeah, my HT is putting out a lot of new growth for me after I pruned it last week. I think I'm seeing two basal breaks too! My minis are also doing the same, my cluster-flowering yellow blend mini (I think it's Mistral Parade) is covered in blooms now too! I'm gonna heed your advice and stop feeding them until November.

I really want Black Jade. Such a nice rose, and apparently the only black mini? I heard it isn't very disease resistant though. Northeast Australia is tropical like ours so I'm gonna consider looking there too.

Final question, I'm trying to breed roses here, is my climate okay for hips? Will they wilt if it gets too hot?

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Ronn Bonites

Bumping this thread. Thanks again for the suggestions everyone!

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Ronn Bonites

So today, I just found out about R. bracteata and it was apparently native to my country. (I'm gonna look for it everywhere here whenever I go out of town from now on!)

My question now is...
Any recommendations on Hybrid Bracteatas?
Also, would R. bracteata be good for breeding?

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