Boxwood suggestions pls

jellicoeJuly 1, 2010

I am having some Mugo pines taken out that have completely overgrown their location in my landscape. I would like to replace them with boxwoods, because of the year round interest and the smaller maximum size. I live in northern illinois and the site faces north, quite near the house so semi protected and want a maximum height of about 36 inches. I love the glossy boxwoods but dislike having winter burn brown out the branches. I also will be letting them be 'natural' and not clipping them into globes.

What boxwood should I be looking for?

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Check their hardiness, but I love my dwarf English boxwood. They are slow growing, very neat and formal looking and I have not had to prone them so far. I planted them last Spring on the western side of the house (kind of close to the house).

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Tks for the response but unfortunately english boxwood is zone 6-8 and I'm in chilly zone 5. They would never make it through my winters.

Anyone else have a suggestion?

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I'm in your zone (Cleveland) and am very happy with the Green Velvet boxwoods I planted last summer. No browning (so far...) and have really filled in quite nicely. Made it through the winter beautifully

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