holly prunning/cutting

boostn(Va)July 12, 2010

Please help me decide what to do with this holly. It is huge. I bet it has to be at least 15' in diameter and it is right at the height of the gutter now and growing. It blocks a good amount of the house and this is the reason I would like to do something. Can I cut it in half? The house has been vacant for four plus years and we are in the process of getting it back into shape.Below are the links to the pictures.





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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Perfect example of the wrong plant in the wrong place. Cutting it back will result in an eyesore in the public part of your landscaping and I don't think you want that. I'd not hesitate for one second in having it removed entirely.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

oh my .. i agree ....

it makes some kind of statement there.. i am just not sure what that statement is ... lol ...

there is so much potential with that facade ... and that plant does nothing to its benefit.. be done with it ...

to insert pix in the post itself... copy the HTML code .... not the IMG code.. into the post ... when you go to preview .... if you see the pix.. we will see the pix ...


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Thanks for the info. I might just cut it down. We do have a Japanese maple that is getting too big to the right of the door. We might try and transplant it in the place of the holly.

I am open to some ideas.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5



you are going to replace one problem.. with your other problem???? you might want to think that out all the way ....

without a pic.. i dont know if i would go through that kind of work ...


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Do you see the Japanese maple to the left of the door? Maybe I should trim it up. It is very large for the area. I can get a closer pic. if needed. Any ideas what to put in the holly' space?

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Well, Nellie Stevens in this case, and hollies in general, can take a LOT of pruning, if you are willing. So it's up to you. It will look like a hat rack for a while, and may take a whole season or more to releaf out (would probably be best done in late winter/early spring. Nellies are popular, but can get 30 feet tall or more over time, if not pruned on a regular basis.

I really like 'Nellies', so maybe an example of the RIGHT plant in the wrong place or the WRONG plant in the RIGHT place, but certainly not the WRONG plant in the WRONG place. LOL!

Also, consider replacing with a smaller holly like 'Fosters No 2', or with a large 'Spartan' if you can find it, or maybe 'Blue Maid'.

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