Identify pink and green shrub

jeanerz13(6a)July 9, 2014

Could anyone tell me what this pink and green shrub is? There's a business I drive by every day with a few of them -- some have more pink than others. This one has more. I kind of like it -- especially the ones that are just slightly pink tinged.

If you open the picture in a new tab it'll be a bigger view, if that helps any.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Could you get a close up of the leaves? My guess from what I can see so far is that this one is at the edge of the road, more hungry and more abused than the larger greener ones - hence the colour. Possibly Euonymous?

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Looks like loropetalum to me, but I didn't think they were 6a hardy.

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I'll try to get a better picture today. It's set 3 or 4 feet back from the sidewalk. And there's a strip of grass between the other side of the sidewalk and the road, so it's not *right* at the edge of the road, but maybe close enough. I've only had experience with euonymus fortunei (which looks much different) so that's probably why I didn't think of that one.

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I would venture Euonymus Alatus (Burning Bush) also.

Do the bushes turn bright red in the Fall ?

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I don't remember how they look in fall. I thought the leaves kinda looked like nandina, but I didn't think nandina got that large. I didn't get a chance to take a picture today. I'll try tomorrow.

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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

From this distance it looks like a Euonymus alatus that's been sheared a time or two. Even Compacta can get that large.
I prefer the larger variety with larger wings.
Euonymus alatus is not listed as invasive here....yet, but it does self seed quite a bit in my garden.

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Finally got some close-up pictures of the leaves. The photos will be larger if you open the image in a new tab/window.

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Agreed Euonymus alatus a very much over-used shrub seen around shopping malls, filling stations and roadway medians.
We are trying to schedule an invasive removal for our nearby state park for next October. Our target is no less than 10,000 Winged Euonymus seedlings that have taken up residence in the understory. This plant is just one more of a long list of self-inflicted plagues in my part of the country.

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