What kind of shrub should I plant?

dem622(8a)July 1, 2010


I am trying to decide what shrub(s) to plant and I am a bit overwhelmed with the choices. I was hoping somebody would help me brainstorm a bit. The walkway to my front door is basically an L shaped concrete path. On the inside of the path I dug out a bed and planted flowers, but now I'm looking to do something different. The bed is two sections each about 30' x 2'. I can expand the width a bit depending on what is needed. My requirements are:

-Evergreen/Winter Interest

-Fairly short 2-3 feet tall (sort of a short hedge)

-Drought Tolerant (Zone 8)

-Easily obtained at garden center/plant show

-Not crazy expensive

I was thinking some sort of juniper, but there are so many varieties, I don't know where to start. Or would something else be better?

Thanks in advance


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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Climate region?

Light exposure?

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leafy02(6 Central Kentucky)

I have both helleri hollies and boxleaf euonymous in my front bed, and I think they'd meet your criteria. They are evergreen here in zone 6, you'd need to check about your zone.
They are very inexpensive and widely available at big box stores that sell shrubs.

My helleri hollies never need pruning to stay in a very neatly rounded shape, and the boxleafs do take pruning but it is not difficult.

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