When is it best to transplant a 2 yr. seedling Rose of Sharon

cadillactasteJuly 13, 2014

I have left one seedling grow for two years. I have someone interested in taking it and planting it to their yard. I realize it's hard to kill Rose of Sharon...but, is it best to wait until fall? Or can it be done now?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i would tie a pink bow around it.. and do it as soon as the leaves fall off... or in spring ...

or if you have cooperative soil that will stick on it... as compared to my sand ... which would mean bare rooting it now .... do it now ...

whats to lose ... its a weed ...


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No sand in the soil...topsoil and mulch in that area. So it would stick...it maybe actually 3yrs. Not sure actually...left one because ones always ask for seedlings. And I pull typically pull them out. This year...I plan on deadheading before seeds are sewn.

Lol Ken...you have a real love for Rose of Sharon. Thanks for your knowledge much appreciated.


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