Yellow leaves on crepe myrtle

helynJuly 27, 2008

Bought it 3 days ago and just went out to look and many leaves are yellow and falling off. What should I do? It's called "Dynamite"

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

How much have you been watering it (how frequently, how much, for how long) - in the nursery it would have been watered once or twice a day, so is used to lots of water? Did you plant it as soon as you got it home, or is it still in the pot? Is it in full sun or in some shade? Did it travel home in the back of a pick-up truck, at high speed, exposed to sun and wind?

CMs are tough plants, so I wouldn't give up on it. Water it well, unless it is sitting in s pool of water, in which case, move it!

With answers to the above questions, you can get better advice. My immediate reaction is to say that it sounds like it is too dry, but....

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

Sorry if I sounded curt - I was trying to get something else done ASAP, and still wanted to reply to the post, so my patience was strained. My apologies if I sounded as though I didn't really care.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Did you plant it when you brought it home? I am going to assume that it was a containerized plant (at this time of year), so you'll need to really keep an eye on the moisture levels.

What about your planting techniques? Two things that can cause problems are being planted too deeply, and the use of a lot of soil amendments in the planting hole.

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Ditto the questions posed by above posters.

But I will say that if you bought it in your local L's or HD, it has probably been chronically under watered in these the dog days of summer. If you have not already planted it, I would keep it well watered and wait for some cooler, wetter weather to plant it. That may mean August or September. I would not worry if the plant continues to loose some leaves for the season. CM's are pretty robust and chances are it'll look perfectly normal when it leafs out in next spring. Good luck!

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I just bought one 2 weeks ago and the same thing is happening to me...I am watering it frequently and it is in direct sun (just like where I bought it...only 2 blocks from my house).

Any suggestions???

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