bareroots at Lowes

nastarana(5a)March 14, 2012

in upsate NY. It just barely possible to plant now, snow having melted last week.

I saw, beside KO, Coral Dawn, Lilian Gibson (!), Don Juan, and a few others.

I took a chance on Coral Dawn and Lilian Gibson. LG was a fairly decent plant, CD had had its roots cut off too short. The cooler temps might be helpful, in that I hope the plants won't be too quickly pushing out leaves until the roots can recover. I planted both right away, even though the ground is too wet for preparing the vege beds yet, and mounded soil over the canes.

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

I picked up Paradise, Deja Blue & Powerhouse about a month ago from Lowes...They're all in the ground, and Deja Bleu & Powerhouse are growing like crazy! Paradise had really short cut roots, so I'll have to see what happens with that one.

I didn't see Lillian Gibson or Coral Dawn at my Lowes...must be our different regions :)


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strawchicago 5a IL(zone 5a)

I took "Heirloom" off from my Chamblee's order and put in "The Prince", since I can get "Heirloom" grafted from Walmart.

I was at Walmart on March 12 and saw roses in big pots, and huge bareroots. There were lots of climbing roses and many HTs to choose. I saw "Heirloom" rose in a big pot (no leaves, but multiple large canes) for less than $8. I was ready to buy, but I'm not sure how thorny "Heirloom" is once fully grown. Any ideas? Thanks.

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seil zone 6b MI

Harumph! My Lowes never gets in anything exciting! Usually just a load of KOs and a handful of the same old ones every year. I was out shopping some this week but the only place that I saw roses was Big Lots and they looked so pathetic I passed on them. I'm waiting for Costco to get their's in because I got a $25 gift card for Christmas! Yippee, more roses!

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Lowes is paying attention to what might grow in different regions!!

I was surprised to see Lilian Gibson. I had thought all the body bagged roses in the USA came from Texas. Can it be that someone in Tyler has been planning plantings for cold areas?

I also saw the horrible roses at Big Lots, a few weeks ago when snow was still on the ground. You would think, a simple phone call from headquarters to ask local managers about local weather conditions might serve the company well.

I do hope the Coral Dawn will grow.

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Big Lots ranks has having the worst roses I've ever seen and they don't care how they look. While every store I know puts the body bags outside so they can get some sunlight. Big Lots keep them inside looking sick and yellow. The bags of dirt gets treated better.

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The Walmart near my house had Lillian Gibson for $8. I purchased one and she's soaking in a bucket of water as I type this. LOL. I've read lots of good stuff on her and can't wait to see her blooms.

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Strawberryhill - Heirloom for me is a stunning rose. I bought mine at Lowes 2 years ago, and it is now about 4'tall / 3' wide. The blooms are a beautiful medium purple with a wonderful fragrance. It has been extremely healthy for me, and I haven't even noticed the thorns.

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My Coral Dawn and Lilian Gibson are now leafing out. I know that CD with the chopped roots would never have survived California heat and dryness. The price was around $8.

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ilovemyroses(8 Dallas TX)

ive got to second the opinion on heirloom. a wonderful, wonderful rose. the color and form are really special.

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