Water flow meter on fill line

Oscarmatic(CA z10/23)December 16, 2013

The pond project is continuing to make good progress. Last week, the pond was drained completely and mucked out. I'm already looking ahead to reinstalling the bog plants and re-establishing our lovely ecosystem and bubbling stream.

One of the things that would be nice to know for future maintenance is the approximate volume of the pond. It is difficult to estimate because of the irregular shapes. Now that I need to refill the pond, I'm thinking a flow meter on the refill line will tell me exactly what I need to know. Has anyone used this method to determine pond volume?

For those of you who have used flow meters, did you have a temporary hose-end meter, or did you install one permanently? I am considering plumbing one into the refill line, so we can use it both to determine total volume and to monitor refill rates.

Finally, I would love your recommendations and advice for inexpensive flow meters. There are several types available and not much product review information. Suggestions are much appreciated.

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I have taken a before and after reading at my house meter, and I have heard of people timing how long their hose takes to fill a 5 gallon bucket then doing the math after measuring how long it took to fill the pond.


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