Help!! My shrubs look awful!

Mom2LoLoJuly 24, 2014

Are they Texas Sage? Are they not getting enough water?? How much/often do I water these??

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There are 2 rows & the back ones look fine on the top, but starting to look the same underneath. It's in the 110s here.

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They are texas sage with multiple problems ...

The ordinary mature Texas sage is a BIG bush about 6-8 feet tall and 10 feet in diameter, and very water thrifty.

1 - they have been pruned into that square hedge shape in an attempt to keep the size under control, removing most of the new growth with every pruning, which stresses the plants.

2 - they are crowded in that bed, which stresses the plants.

3 - they are next to a lawn, and the frequency of lawn watering forces them to grow too much, which stresses the plants.

the excessive water leads to the need to prune frequently ... see #1

4 - The frequent and shallow lawn watering keeps the sage shallow-rooted, which stresses the plants in hot weather because the roots aren't deep and cool.

Soak them thoroughly, and slowly, about once a month. Stop pruning them. Early next spring - mid February - you can chainsaw them to a foot or so high, prune them to 5 or so branches and let them resprout.

let them regrow in a natural shape instead of trying to make a square box ... if it turns out that they are vigorous and crowding each other, remove some to give the others room to grow.

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