Rose of Sharon back from the dead

idloveamochaJuly 15, 2014

This Rose of Sharon had been big and beautiful until this past winter (pardon the sideways photo--formatting issues). In fact, I was pretty certain that it was dead, as by the end of June, it had no leafing or growth--our other ROS's had leafed out by the beginning of June.
I set out around the 4th of July to chop it down and start over.
Note my surprise when I kneeled to cut it and noticed growth!

I want to see if it can revive itself. However, I do think I want to prune back the top that is definitely dry and dead.
How far down should I prune? The uppermost growth I see is about 1 1/2 to 2' above ground, and only on 2 major stems. Plenty of growth at the bottom of the plant.


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Give it neighbor had two side by leafed out when it was time...the other stood dead looking...little by little it started showing signs of foliage a couple of weeks back. Today it really has looked to hold out. It may surprise you.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

dead is dead... cut back to live wood ...

you can barely kill these things ... as you now understand ...

with a large root mass... you might be surprised how big it might be by fall ...

i would not fert it ...

considering its potential.. its awful close to the house ...


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