Dreaded Euonymous scale

kimcocoJuly 12, 2010

I didn't even know what this was until...was it Ken? ...someone mentioned it. I thought, oh how lucky, I've never had that problem.


My Sarcoxie is loaded. The only change from prior years is that my NFH planted a row of Lombardy Poplars on the opposite side of my fence. Not sure if this has any bearing on the matter.

I've read that you can use Bayer tree and shrub systemic disease control as a preventive, but it's not a cure?? I also sprayed them with another Bayer product that you attach to your hose.

There is no cure? Or is it dependent on the stage in which it is treated? I'm gathering I should have treated it in the spring, or that I should do that next spring...please comment.

Will winter kill them off?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

hey .. dont blame me ....

in my world.... get rid of it.. or ignore it ....

it euonymous scale.. not poplar scale... not red brick scale ...

its endemic.,.. and in my mind.. not worth the cost of trying to be rid of it

seriously ... with all the options out there.. for that given space ... will your world really end if you get rid of this extremely problematic plant ... [and now you tell me great grandma brought this plant on the boat from Europe 100 years ago.. and you are so emotionally attached that you would rather die then get rid of it]

though i love chemicals dearly.. applied properly .... i would NOT waste the exposure or cost on this plant .. and i would eat the loss/cost of being done with it ...

[are you really willing to spend 20 bucks on bayer for a 10 dollar plant???]


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These shrubs are indeed scale magnets (at least in the SE) and I shovel pruned mine a few years ago because of it, but you can control the scale by cutting out heavily infested branches and spraying horticultural oil (be sure to read the directions) on the remaining branches. However, IMHO, even if you treat it successfully, this is likely to be a recurring problem.

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IanW Zone 5 Ont. Can.

To kill the scales, spray with a solution of 40 parts water, 1 part liquid dish soap and 8 parts rubbing alcohol.
Soak the scales thoroughly with this solution and the next day hose off the dead scales with high pressure from your hose....You may have to repeat this process in a day or two to make sure you got them all.....just be careful not to apply this spray on a hot sunny day.....


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