non-blooming Astilbe?

emme-dc(7b DC)March 11, 2013

Several years ago, I put an Astilbe in my garden to see if it would flourish. It was in a VERY shady spot, and though it did survive, and came up with foliage year after year, it never once bloomed. I think it was supposed to have white flowers, but I don't remember the variety.

Last spring I moved it to a sunnier spot, and the foliage grew well. Actually, I accidentally left some root behind, which also came up, so I ended up with two plants, both with pretty good foliage. Neither of them blossomed, nor even produced a scape.

Now, it's too early to see anything from these guys yet this year, but is there a chance I could see flowers on them, or are they just duds? And should I abandon the idea of having Astilbe, or would another variety do better? I would have to plant them on the sunnier side of the yard, not the shady side. Though in spring it is quite sunny there, and the soil sometimes dries.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

no such thing as a dud.. per se...

too much shade will force a flowering plant into producing greenery only ... but it has to be pretty dark ...

if you slaughtered the root system.. it would not surprise me that it was spending energy on regrowing roots .. over flower ...

only time will tell if they bloom this year


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