Anyone out there with Edmee Gold Honeysuckle

cadillactasteJuly 16, 2014

I would love to see this in bloom. I have tried google no avail nothing is coming up. Tried websites to see if a photo may be listed of it while in is not. I admired the delicate foliage of the boxleaf honeysuckle...and had to get it. It says birds are drawn to it. (Learned after I brought it home...during those searches for a photo of it in bloom) Since it is now planted on the bird feeding patio...I am glad to hear that.

Here is a link showing what it is...for those unfamiliar with the shrub.

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Flowers on the boxleaf honeysuckles (and any of the other evergreen shrub honeysuckles) are insignificant to the point of being nearly invisible. These are not shrubs grown for any sort of flower show but for foliage only.

btw, websites that describe "showy white flowers followed by red berries" have obviously never grown the plant. I have grown multiple cultivars of Lonicera nitida over the years (currently have 3 different ones now) and would be extremely hard pressed to recall ever seeing much of a bloom period on any of them.

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Appreciate your knowledge...possibly why the nursery never mentioned it flowered. I still like the foliage on it. So there is that going for it. Also...makes sense why I can find absolutely no photos of it while in bloom.

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