Witch hazel looking awful!

ctlady_gw(z6 CT)July 9, 2010

Not sure whether to post this in trees or shrubs or the New England forum so will start with the shrub experts:

My neighbor's mature witch hazel is showing some serious signs of distress. We aren't sure if the symptoms are related or not. First, there are what appear to be rust spots on the leaves (visible in the second picture). More seriously, every branch has some healthy leaves, and some totally dry and curled ones. It has been very hot and dry in New England recently -- could the leaf damage be simply stress from the heat and drought? I have witch hazels in my yard (two doors away) as well, and have some of the rust spots, but not the dry, curled foliage.

Any suggestions as to what might be going on (and what to do about it) would be most welcome!

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my money is on not enough water, too much heat.
There are trees and shrubs I have never watered and they are wilted and a couple of days away from looking like the above...unless I cave and water.

Which I will do.

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Looks like Phyllosticta hamamelidis, witch hazel blight. Some varieties are more susceptible than others, especially
popular variety 'Arnold Promise'

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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