Drift Roses

joetoeMarch 21, 2014

I would like to know if anyone has grown Drift Roses.
I am looking at buying some roses and would like them to bloom all Summer long.

I thought about Knock Out Roses and a lady told me about the Drift Rose.
Has anyone grow Osso Roses?

These roses would go on the South-side of my house. My house is Brown.
Would you put any other flowers with them? If so what kind? I would like to have color 3 seasons out of the year. It is a area 26' long X 5' wide.

I like the Icy Drift Rose, and the Apricot Drift Rose.

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I have Apricot Drifts and Coral Drifts and am very happy with them as landscape roses in mixed borders. They bloom pretty much continuously for me spring through fall. They stay shortâ¦top out at about 2 ft tall by 2 to 3 ft wide. Deadheading the spent blooms will make them look better, but itâÂÂs not necessary and pruning isnâÂÂt needed. I also have a couple of OSO Easy Paprika bushes. They will get bigger than the driftsâ¦I keep them pruned to about 3 ft by 3 ft, but they would probably be at least 4 ft tall in my climate if left unpruned. They bloom continuously, as well, but spent blooms will set hips if not deadheaded. They bloom so much that keeping up with deadheading is a chore. They will continue to bloom if not deadheaded, and the hips are attractive, but allowing all of those hips to form will cut down on bloom quantity. IâÂÂm not sure if this is a quality of all the OSO roses or just Paprika. I'll let someone else make suggestions for companion plants...since my zone is so different from yours, what works well here, might not for you.

Here are a couple of pictures of Apricot Drift, which is my favorite of my landscape roses.

I canâÂÂt find an actual picture of OSO Easy Paprika, but it is the bush with orange blooms in the background behind the pink rose below (it would have a lot more blooms if I was better about deadheading it):

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

Your Apricot Drift roses are much lovelier than I thought landscape roses could be, Pat. Love them. Diane

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Ditto what Diane said. They are gorgeous.


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I also have an Apricot Drift- it's my underplanting on my Day Breaker rose because, in my yard at least, the blooms are the same color mix on both.

I too am happy with my drift. It really is more blackspot resistant than all of my other roses combined. Which is really helpful with it so low to the ground. The only drawbacks I've had are that a) with the thorns it's tough to weed under it and b) the individual flowers don't last very long. Which, compared with the pretty much non-stop blooming during the season, the pretty colors, and the useful size, are not reasons not to put one in. Just good reasons to have long gloves for weeding.

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ArbutusOmnedo 10/24

I came by my mom's house to plant some stuf for her today and she had two Apricot Drifts amongst other things. Very pretty! Taken today.


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Campanula UK Z8

ah Yes...these are appearing in the UK...but are being advertised as 'ideal for hanging baskets'

Surely not! Sounds like torture. I had a nightmare summer of 17 hanging baskets once (many years ago - I still shudder at the memory of stress) but now have....none.
I certainly wouldn't inflict this punishment on any rose, even a grocery-store mini.

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Does anyone have the Ice Drift Rose?
I also like the Sweet Drift Rose. Between these three rose Apricot, Sweet and Ice Drift Roses I don't know which one I like the best.

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Ice Drift is much more of a ground cover than a shrub. It is much shorter and more sprawling than the other Drift roses. I would not buy it again.
I have Ice, Apricot and Coral. Apricot is my favorite.

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Campanula- I'm not sure any roses are ideal for hanging baskets! In the case of Drifts they would be a nightmare to water because, not to harp on it, they are very thorny.

I've seen somewhere that some company put a Drift as a standard and that actually didn't seem too bad.

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I have a Peach Drift rose as a standard - 36 inches high, so not too tall. I love it. It is just coming into its first bloom now, and it blooms until Nov. here practically without stopping. Stays healthy, and I have never sprayed it.


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Actually, I have two of them in hanging baskets. I have a wand so they are not hard to water, but I have to feed them lightly twice a week to keep them in bloom. They're beautiful when in bloom. I have two in pedestal urns, and they attract a lot of attention from visitors. The two in urns are always in bloom, but the baskets seem to bloom in flushes with a break between each flush. I'm surprised at how much I like these.

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the apricots are like something out of a fairy tale I love them ... I had a popcorn and it died in less then two weeks ugh I have never killed a rose .. I was so mad I won't buy them again

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They are beautiful. Does anyone have pictures of different colors?

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I neglected to mention in my earlier post that I donâÂÂt spray my Drift or OSO roses and none have ever shown any sign of blackspot in my garden where even Knockouts will blackspot to some degree. Both my Coral Drifts sometimes have a bit of powdery mildew in the springâ¦which is highly uncommon for roses here. I have never seen any mildew on either of my Apricot drifts, though.

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Here's a not-so-great picture of Coral Drift...sorry for the poor quality, but I can't seem to find another amongst my pictures. I believe Sweet Drift is the only other of drift roses that has the button-eye bloom form like Apricot Drift.

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I love that it never occured to me that there might be a safe way to water roses in a hanging basket. :)

Floridarose- do you move them around by season?

Jackie- I always worry that standards would get too dry here in 9b, do you find that's a problem?

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Here is a picture of my Peach Drift standard.

NewGirl - I'm not sure I understand your question about standards getting "too dry". Of course my entire garden is irrigated, including this bed. In normal years (which we haven't had for 2 years), we have at least a 6 month dry period each year with no rain whatsoever. This rose does as well as all of my roses with irrigation.


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mishon(z8a/b TX)

I planted 4 Peach Drift roses in an L shaped raised bed in 2010, and they have done fantastic! I live in central Texas, and due to the drought, have not been able to water the roses very much, in fact, last season they were only watered three times. The first year they were planted I watered well, but once they established themselves, they were good to go. This year I have yet to water them. I did not prune this year at all, and I dont spray for disease or insects. They bloom throughout the season even in the hot scorching summer. I would definately recommend them. This picture was taken this week, you can see they spread out well without getting too tall.

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Newgirl, sometimes I move the baskets around but not the urns. They're too large. However, none of them get late afternoon sun here. The sun is blocked by the house after 3 p.m. I have the red in the urns, and they have been eye popping for months now.

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I love my drift! I have a peach died that I have in a container a terra cotta planter as a matter of fact and it has been there for a whole year now. It's nice and bushy and fuss free. I have done nothing to it besides give it blood meal and Epsom salts. It's blooming now and I plan to dead head the spent blooms since most say that it gives you more blooms. I will be buying more once on sale.

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Cathie3078(6b MA)

I am looking for suggestions for hardy Austins that would combine well with an established border of predominantly orange daylilies. I am planning a bed along a newly-installed white picket fence and want Austin roses to anchor it on the inside of the fence. The daylilies are on the outside near the road and are thriving, despite the abuse from winter road sanding and salting. In doing my research, I am finding my favorites to be some of the pinks, such as Alnwick and Queen of Sweden, that I don't think would work that well with the orange daylilies. What do you think? Would you limit the rose color choices to those that would combine well with the daylilies or just move the lilies? My nursery advisor says not to let the lilies dictate my choices but admits she's not a big fan of them. The area is about 40' long and receives full sun in coastal southern New England.

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I have Peach Drift and Sweet Drift. All I can say is these are some tough roses. The blooms don't look as pretty as the pictures in my hot Texas summers, but they grow in my raised beds where so many other plants have dwindled away. I just saw Red Drift and Pink Drift at the nursery and was coming to this forum to see if anyone grows them. I need something for my front yard that is lower growing than Peach and Sweet and Red looks like it might be a smaller plant. Pink has such cute flowers.

Peach Drift

Sweet Drift

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