Is it necessary to remove juniper stumps?

amluJuly 2, 2014

We had some juniper bushes removed, but the stumps are still there. We want to build a short retaining wall around the area where the bushes formerly were. Since we'll be raising the level of the soil do we need to remove the stumps or can we plant on top of them?

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What sort of material are you using for the retaining wall? VersaLok you must be able to get behind and put foundation gravel up against the back of it. So depending on the prep work and where you wish for the wall to sit. You may find the roots are a hindrance while trying to prep for your wall. Now if you plan on leveling the area...and building on that surface. I would imagine the roots wouldn't be an issue of the actual building of said wall. high do you plan on building this wall...will it be deep enough to allow proper planting of anything you wish to put in the area. The last thing you want to do is fight with roots after the wall is in and your planting. For I would imagine trying to take out the roots later could effect your foundation of the wall you plan on building. A lot of factors to consider.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

wood is wood.. the type doenst matter ...

all wood can be left ... but you will probably get mushrooms over the years ... which i pretend is a free show of ma nature ...

but that presumes two things..

first .. you can build the wall properly noted ...

second ... that your future plantings wont be in the exact spot they are ... nothing worse than thinking you saved a little time and effort in not removing.. only to find... they are complicating your life.. now that you buried them ...

are you sure you dont have some strapping young highschooler around.. who couldnt dig them up for a little spending money ... just to avoid future issues??? ... too at least get the central stump out... i surely wouldnt worry about all the roots going off the main stump ....


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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

I pull them out with a chain attached to my truck hitch.

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teri2(7B TN)

A number of my neighbors have pulled out their 20 yr old original foundation plantings using mikebotann's pickup truck and chain method. It's relatively painless.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

and i had a friend who pulled the bumper off his truck.. thinking he would do it like mike.. lol ... of course.. i wouldnt ride in that truck.. lol .. for safety purposes...


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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

Ken, I have an old 1976 3/4 ton, gas eating 460 cu. in., Ford truck with a real bumper and hitch. I hardly take it off the place anymore. It's mainly used for firewood, brush, rocks, and sometimes trees. A work truck. ;- It has pulled a lot of junipers and mugos out of the ground over the years. You know, the ones planted too close to the driveway and sidewalk that's been sheared a time or two, and look like heck. I did a lot of yard makeovers in 30 years and they were usually the first to go.

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