Are my roses dead?

chris_44212March 29, 2009

I have 4 rose bushes and 2 of them are nice and green and have lots of buds on them, but the other 2 aren't doing as well. There was a bit of green on them, but it slowly disappeared and now the canes are all black. Should I wait to see if they come back or should I just replace with some healthier plants?

The 2 roses in question are Perfect Moment and Peace


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karl_bapst_rosenut(5a, NW Indiana)

It'as too early to tell in zone 5. They are still dormant.
I've had many a rose that showed mostly black canes that proceded to have growth at or near the base of the cane. In most cases these bushes grew and bloomed and remained healthy for years. I don't know where in zone 5 you are located but did you provide any winter protection and were the bud unions buried. Your roses are both hybrid teas which for the most part are very winter tender.
Because it's too soon to really tell, wait until nearer the first part of May. If no new growth is forthcoming, then replace them.
Investigate any replacements and make sure you get those that are hardy to your growing zone or be prepared to provide some sort of winter protection.

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Im in northern Ohio and I did provide winter protection to all of my roses. Is it possible that these 2 are still dormant when the other 2 are budding already?

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Terry Crawford

Chris, depending on the type of rose, they break dormancy and bud at different times. I'm in central Illinois and all my hybrid teas and Bucks are still dormant, while Cuthbert Grant is budding out. The roses will know when it's time to wake up and start budding.

Better for them NOT to bud out and freeze; we still have lots of cold temps before it is truly warm. We woke up to 5" of snow yesterday a.m.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Chris, in zone 5, with hybrid tea roses, it is normal for most or all of the exposed wood to be killed/injured over winter. The plant regrows from the base every year. I would wait a week or two and then start pruning down by sections. Remove all blackened and shriveled cane sections and sections with brown center pith, even if sprouting. If this takes you down to grade level, so be it. If you see green inner bark on the cut stubs, the rose is alive.

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Peace and Chicago Peace are both difficult in zone 5 no matter how much protection I provide. Some roses are planted as annuals and I enjoy them for 5

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