Juniper and shrub infection?

jhome2007August 1, 2014

I found the juniper and shrub turn to brown. Searching the google and suspect 'Phomopsis Blight'. Not sure if it is the case or not. If it is, how to teat? Any chemical applications?

1. shrub

2. Juniper


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

google juniper tip blight ..

i got rid of all my susceptible Js for such ...

poor first pic.. but looks like picea glauca conica ... aka dwarf alberta spruce...

and that looks like winter damage ... and perhaps spider mites .. and the mites can be solved with water ...

but by the time you cut out all the dead... you might want to keep going.. and get rid of it ...

both look like overly mature plant.. and the juniper looks too close to the house ... i would suggest.. its time for some digging... and new landscaping ...

its just not worth.. IMHO .. spraying chems


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