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wexgardenerAugust 7, 2014

1.My guelder roses tips had to pruned due to disease tips but now that they have been pruned the top forms a darkened formation which spreads downwards from the cut is this normal or is it infection?i know that when cut a branch will a woody formation to seal the wound but how long and deep should this travel down from the point of cutting. charles de joly lilac shrub has some diseased leaves over kept under control with fungicide should I prune them off since the bush is deciduous should I wait until autumn for them to fall off and if I am to prune them off will the auxillary buds be stimulated to grow new leaves in their place.also should I deadhead the plant now or wait for next year blooming

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This is the guelder rose branch

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Also if a blooming flower bud is removed from a blue chiffon shrub will it be replaced by new flowers
Picture of charles de joly lilac

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

do not prune a lilac now ... full fall cleanup of dropped leaves is all i would do..

and i would spray at the proper time in spring for 'prevention' ... as compared to spraying after it appears ...

you confused me by calling a viburnum a rose ...

always remove dead stuff ... its dead.. there is no timing issue .. and learn to make a proper cut at live wood ....

as to your half dead things.. i would think that is improper pruning.. and leaving a stub.. that is dying back ...

what was the disease that caused you to give it a haircut????

you might learn a lot.. by googling: REJUVENATION PRUNING OF FLOWERING SHRUBS .... of which.. both of these are ...


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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

I agree with Ken that on the Viburnum you have cut in a bad place and the stem has died back. Make a pruning cut at a node i.e. where a bud, leaf of stalk joins a stem. That way new growth will occur. If you just cut across a stem there is no dormant bud there waiting to sprout and the stem will die back as far as the nearest available dormant bud.

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So I cut back to the point where the branch meets the stem? Just above any swellings present

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