Changing waterfall pump?

wendync(7b)December 5, 2012

Hey guys,

I hope this is the right place to post about this. In late September, my husband and I bought a house with a small waterfall in the back yard. Within a month, the waterfall pump went out. We poked around and saw that it was a Beckett W1800 pump. After looking this item up online, I saw it had poor reviews---for dying quickly. We had a service man come out, but he recommended waiting for the leaves to fall before replacing the pump, which they have now.

We don't know much about ponds and waterfalls--but would like to replace the pump ourselves. Is it a big deal to change the pump out? What if we went with another brand(one with better reviews)--would it still be hooked up the same? Any insight would be great. Thanks!

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Can you post any photos or discribe in detail how the current pump is set up and connected? There are many varites of pump instalation.

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