When to plant both weigealea and new zealend flax

wexgardenerAugust 7, 2014

When is the ideal time to plant both new zealend flax and also weigealea shrubs here in ireland

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

ideal time ... is when you can keep them properly watered .. given the ambient conditions ...

and i dont know when that is for Ireland ...

in my MI august.. the norm is near 90 -100 degrees [that is 'really freaking hot' in Celsius... lol ]... in blistering hot sun.. and relative drought ... in sand ... so i avoid... planting in august ...

i would be my shiny nickle...penny .. that does not describe IR in august ...

see link ... as to how to do it .. and how to water ...

in the alternative.. i like to say.. just because you buy it.. doenst mean it has to be planted immediately ... in my MI ... i would put the pots in full bright shade.. and plant in a month or so.. when day temps start subsiding in mid sept or so ... and night temps are cool... aka a recovery period for the daytime transplant shock ...

the default is.. what did your seller suggest????


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

For Weigela the optimal time is October to March when the shrub is dormant. But you can plant container plants any time of the year really as long as you water them thoroughly at planting time. (Water once, deeply, even if it's raining.)

The Phormium I would plant any time other than if there's a frost as it is evergreen and has no dormant period, just a slow down in the winter. If you have already bought both plant them now.

'Freakin hot' does not apply over here ;-) Ken would laugh at my current heat wave. It's 79f out there today, Ken, and I'm hiding indoors.

p.s. Wex - you might like to alter your member page because it says you're in the US.

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