parrots feather out of control

ramiaDecember 8, 2008

I have a large man made pond in the yard about 15ft deep and about 100x100.Two years I got the bright idea to add some parrots feather to it and it got out of control.It dies off in the winter but comes back in the summer.How can I prevent it from coming back?It takes over so bad that I worry about the oxygen levels for the fish plus it look terrible..please help! Thanks.

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Hey there. The parrots feather will not deplete the oxygen levels in the pond in the summer at least. It should get filtered out or dredged before there is an ice cover. It is unusual for it to survive in your zone. Are you sure of the ID? Please tell us more about your pond. It is an unusual size for this forum and must present problems we don't often discuss. Sandy

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Parrot feather is interesting. I have it in our stream and it works great as a summer filter. It certainly is aggressive. I pull it all out in November each year, leaving roots for the next year. It comes back very well each year. I'm glad I have a liner under the stream.

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sdavis(z7b nc)

If you get some 100'x20' ($80 or so) black plastic sheet, blot out light from the parrots feather and kill the bulk of it off, at the rate of 1,000 sq ft at a time.

Do it when its mild and oxygen levels are good, the decomposing plants will consume oxygen levels. You may need to aerate the water when that lot breaks down

A rake would be usefull to pull out the stray bits that might spring up

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How about just dig it up in handfulls and sell it? It grows nicely in well lit aquariums. I'll take a few gallons next year.

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chrisware(5-6 wv)

I went out to check my pond a few days ago once the ice had melted away, only to see that all the parrots feather in my pond still looks great. I thought the cold would kill it out too!


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Thanks for the response guys..I see it's been awhile since I posted the question.I have a large farm pond,but we don't farm it's just used to fish and the doggies like to swim in it.It's too big to just go in and rip out the plants and I have made all sorts of contraptions to rake out the stuff,but it's just too big of a job.

I decided to get some aquacide pellets and it sorta worked but it looks like we are going to need to put in multiple treatments.The pond is just too taken over by this stuff and it's so thick.I guess I'll just have to keep trying these pellets and hopefully one of these years it goes away.Never again will I put ANY kind of plant in my pond without reading all I can about it.It makes me so sad to look out and see how consumed the water is by this stuff.Thanks for all the responses!

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I use them as a filter in my pond also but I use a square skimmer basket that I cut slits into the sides and push the roots into the center of the overturned basket. I then put a rock as a weight on top. Never had any problem with them. I take the whole thing out in the fall.

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Grass carp may be the answer. Check with the supplier maybe they will know if they will feed on that particular plant. They are sterile so you don't have to worry about them taking over the pond and do a greaty job on many pond weeds.

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We have a 5 acre pond but the weed took most of the pond and it looks very bad. last year we tried to take it out and it was hard. we use a hook and my truck to drag it out. it had long roots. Does covering with a black plastic sheet works?

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Never plant parrots feather, in koi ponds or larger...its like injecting a human with the HIV virus. It will take over in no time and you'll never get rid of it. Birds will transfer it from one body of water to the next. You are retarded if you plant it.This plant must be BANNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I absolutely love it in my ponds and I can assure you, I'm not retarded.

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What's my problem? I can't get it to hardly to grow in my pond north of Atlanta, let alone survive over winter - maybe you ned to sell what you have ??

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@ mckool: Well. We must be doing something wrong. I'm a couple hrs south of Atlanta and mine barely survive in season and certainly don't *grow*, much less overwinter. While I appreciate the look & the function, I'm done wasting my hard-earned dollars on it.

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