Winter Pond Trouble

Craigger7December 18, 2013

I live next to my parents in Pa., and I've found that any time my father come to me with news of the ponds its usually bad. I have two ponds, one newly constructed at the end of the season this year. The problem arose with my smaller pond. The one with all my fish.
My smaller pond is 2000 gallons and only two feel deep. This pond I have had for four years now. I must say out of those four years, this winter is the coldest. For the pond I run a small submergible pump on a one foot shelf and a pond heater. My flow of the pump has completely domed over, and my pond heater has stopped working. So as right now, I do not have an opening in the ice.
I have just read an article, this is from a garden pond contactor. I found it interesting.


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Sorry I just want to add something else, they say next week will be in the 60's. So I do plan to address this.

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We had a similar issue last year - the pump we used to keep the pond open created a dome of ice but not a hole. Come spring, the fish were fine. This year we switched to an aerator and de-icer and have had no problem even in the recent below zero temps.

Very interesting article by the way. I've heard the same theory from other professionals - maybe we should all just relax a bit and let things happen? We have natural ponds in our neighborhood that do freeze solid - we skate on them in the winter. Never even worried about the fish... Of course, I didn't BUY those fish!

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Craig, use an aquarium bubbler, all you need is a bubbler that is
about a five watts. Put it in a jar with hole in the lid for the tube to come
through. Hang upside down on a stick a few feet above ground.
submerge the tube in the water a few inches down.

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Hey guys, today was a nice day. So I opened a hole up using the pot and hot water trick. I have an outdoor aerator I use when cleaning the pond. So I dropped the 3 inch diameter air stone through the hole. I found my problem, the pond heater was hooked up to an outdoor outlet. I think the outlet got wet and clicked the breaker. Unfortunately, my pond heater is now imbedded in ice.
The pump is a duel outlet, tomorrow I have to get more air line to hook up the other side, then it should be a good current. I like the jar trick.


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