Miss Kim Lilac patula

nanaclaire(5b)August 14, 2011

I bought this in the Spring after all the rains and it was healthy. Planted it and soon after the blooms were gone but it was the end of the blooming season so I wasn't worried about that. Since then I have noticed the leaves started curling. Should I prune it and how? I did read the FAQs and it says there could be a fungal disease so when do I apply something to stop it or prevent it and what? Pictures (click to see larger pic):

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

it alive.. its thriving.. ignore it ... but keep it properly watered ...

MAYBE late next summer it MIGHT be pruned ...

whats all the foo foo soil around it.. why isnt it mulched ...

except for some mulch.. me thinks you worry too much ...


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LOL, I worry too much. LOL

OK, I just cleaned the area that had grass all around it and that is just topsoil from the grass. I'm going to plant some flowers there in the spring (probably petunias) and mulch.

Yeah, maybe I worry too much, just that the leaves are curled and I read that curled leaves mean a fungus.

Thanks for responding!

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That's your topsoil???? OMG, gardeners across the continent are jealous. How deep is that black gold?

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not sure it is called "topsoil" but it is the soil under the grass... had to dig up the grass around the bush. We have clay here. I will be mulching it soon.

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Well, seems my lilac bush has died. All the leaves are brown and crumbly. It never perked up after I posted the first time. I don't know if I should cut it some, just leave it and hope it comes back in the Spring. :( not a happy camper.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

do you see ANY BUDS???

if so.. perhaps its just early leaf drop from a bad year???

send us a pic if there is any possibility ...


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b


Leave it until Spring and see what happens. Species Lilacs like Miss Kim were discovered in the Mountains in Korea. They are very good at surviving drought. It may still be alive, but in an early dormancy brought on by drought. Wait until Spring and see what growth you get. You likely won't get flowers next year, but the plant may be fine. Don't give up hope.


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