wood stove ashes?

heavenlyfarm(zone 6b)January 21, 2014

So for last year and so far, we just have been dumping the ashes from our wood stove in an out of the way place...but can I use it to improve the soil? can i just add it to the top of the soil or mix it in a little? Basically, can I use all these ashes to help my flower beds?

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Maybe. What does your soil test indicate?

If your soil is deficient in the minerals that ashes are high in, and can handle the increased pH ... yes, they can help.

If your soil is like mine - alkaline and salic and loaded with minerals - ashes make it worse.

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Wood ash is about 25 percent Calcium Carbonate, lime, so test your soil first before applying any to see if that soil needs any.

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Ditto what those guys said. We've had a lot of ash questions lately...here's a search results list for more reading if you're interested.


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