Burgundy/red shrub other than barberry?

ankhAugust 1, 2008

I'm looking for something in the burgundy/red/purple range, hardy to 4A, other than barberries. Anything? At this point I am flexible as to size and texture. I would also consider a barberry if it were thornless, or if there were weeping varieties (if I just had to!).

I have seen some mounding acer palmatums on Sooner's website, one or two of which are listed as hardy to zone 4, but they are currently sold out, and since I'm mainly in the information-gathering phase, I would love some other ideas/knowledge/thoughts from you all.

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Forgot to mention, I already have cotinus grace, a couple physocarpus and black lace elderberry, so I would be looking for something other than those. And though I said flexible on size, I am thinking really 5 ft. or under.

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how about this one?

Here is a link that might be useful: weigelia 'wine and roses'

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I don't know how big a plant you're looking for. While not specifically a shrub, I have some heucheras, specifically plum pudding coral bells, that are very pretty and have that burgandy-purple shade. They can get to be about 2' high. They seem reasonably tolerant of un-ideal conditions; although they prefer light, loamy soil, I have some going successfully in clay soil I've improved with peat and compost. They're just about to bloom.

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

There is also Wiegela 'Summer Wine', which is smaller and less floriferous (I think) than the 'W&R'.

Most of the rest that I can think of off hand aren't hardy for you.....

Even though you have C. 'Grace', what about one of the other red/purple-leaved Cotinus, such as 'Royal Purple' or 'Velvet Cloak'? Their leaves turn green later than 'Grace', if at all. You would probably have to "stool" them to get the short height, but they would still flower...

It's not a shrub, but there are purple-leaved dahlias out there, mostly flowering in red - 'Bishop of Landalf' or the mix 'Bishop's Children' spring to mind. You would have to lift and store the roots over the winter, and replant come spring.....

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Prunus x cistena.

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No purple smoke bush.
They are not hardy to zone 4.
Grace is a totally different smoke bush.
Each cultivar is different.

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Have you considered the purple leaf sandcherry?
They are hardy in your zone, and their foilage is striking!
They flower in early spring, and look beautiful!
THen they get bright gorgeous red leaves! All summer!
I am sure if you prune it after it flowers in spring you can keep it at the height you want.
I saw one at a nursery in April and I instantly wanted one.
THe flowers were so pretty!
They have them on sale now at nurseries.
Check them out online, they might be what you want.
Good Luck to you!

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The prunus x cistena is a purple leaf sand cherry. I have one, and it is a nice addition to a landscape, relatively inexpensive for a large one, an easy shrub. Smells good too when it's in bloom.

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