Rose of Sharon

dmclaughlin21August 28, 2007

We have a rose of sharon that appears very green and healthy all summer but has developed random yellow leaves about the time it starts to bloom (a week or so ago in zone 6). This has happened every years since we moved here. There seems to be a dark spot on some of the yellow leaves but not all of them. I don't think it is a water issue as the yellow leaves are scattered throughout the bush. I was thinking maybe a fungus? Is rose of sharon particularly susceptible to some disease or pest?

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Your ROS doesn't bloom until the second week of August?
Mine blooms after the 4th of July.
That is strange.
If your ROS is blooming, and is still coming back every year, it is probably just the soil mabey.
The spots aren't killing the bush, so just try a couple of different things and see if they improve.
You will have to try next year though, it is late in the year to try and figure it out.
Try investigating sun exposure. Do they get enough?
What are they planted next to? Could that be effecting them?
Try not watering more than once every 2 weeks, try fertilizing them if you haven't already, or not fertizing if you are.
Try different mulch next year, or not using mulch.
You get the picture.
No, they aren't extremely suscepible to any diseases at all.
They prefer acid soil, so mabey you could check to see if your soil is extremely alkaline.
Rose of Sharon does from time to time have a few yellow leaves which is normal. Alot of them and loosing leaves in August isn't normal.
It doesn't sound as if your bush is in extreme danger anyway.
You will see what it is.
Good Luck!

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