Please, smaller shrubs to edge a casual lawn, i.e.,

rosie(Deep South, USA 7A/B)August 16, 2010

those whose shapes allow them to be mowed under (with less than a decade's growth!). The problem is that for utility reasons (climate, heat, drought tolerance when needed) we chose a short, running grass. About 2/3 of the lawn will be surrounded by a shrub and tree border backed by woods that will shade out spread beyond the edges. The other 1/3 will present more than enough edging challenge in itself.

Large shrubs are easy, so many wonderful ones to choose from, but the lawn isn't large enough (wanders kind of long and occasionally narrow along the hillside) to ring with 6'+ shrubs, so we need mostly short and middle-height ones toward the front.

The grass is light green, so rich deeper greens especially desirable. Deciduous fine, evergreens for some definition in all seasons also especially desirable. Flowers nice but not at all necessary. This will be a cool green garden (once the trees grow up, anyway) for us to enjoy from the porch, with only occasional flowers to set it off. I do want it to be beautiful, though.

Zone 7, mostly sunny, hot humid summers, warm nights, winter stretches into teens common, acid soil, not dry but should not need a lot of water.

Thanks very much for any and all suggestions. I really need them!

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Japanese Spirea is a small deciduous shrub. You'll probably want one of the darker leaved varieties, ... maybe 'Little Princess', 'Anthony Waterer', or 'Neon Flash'.

These are easy shrubs, they're on the small side, and they can be easily trimmed.

They have a pink bloom in early summer.

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rosie(Deep South, USA 7A/B)

Hmm! My post is gone. Thanks very much, Aegis. I have a couple of white summer-blooming what I think are Japanese, but I didn't realize some had darker leaves. I'll have to check them out.

I guess I need fairly densely branched but not overly rigid (spirea sure aren't) shrubs with central branching that end up as wide or wider than tall. If necessary then a few on the very lowest tier could be removed to create deep shady room to cruise the mower under. I saw Ilex glabra at a nursery yesterday and wondered if it might do nicely too. I read that there are shorter cultivars...somewhere.

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