Anyone Familiar With 'Orange Ice'?

alameda/zone 8March 26, 2012

I found this one at Walmart today - had to have it. Not familiar with it but the photo looks beautiful. It has small leaves - might be a miniature. Helpmefind lists 2 of them, both floribundas, no photos. Dont think this rose is one of them. Just wondering if anyone else might have this one and what can you tell me about it. Its always fun to find these little treasures....Thanks!


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jktx55(8a TX)

Sorry, I haven't heard of Orange Ice, I visit Walmart in three different towns here in West Texas just about ever week and I haven't seen a Orange Ice in any of these stores. Maybe you have found a rare one.

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alameda/zone 8

Here is the photo I found of Orange Ice - it looks lovely! rose has bloomed and is is a miniature but it is a deep, rich orange, no hint of apricot, like I was expecting. It is a brilliant color and I do like it alot...but really loved the apricot tones in this photo. I will take a photo of it tomorrow and post. I bought 7 roses just off the truck last fall from Walmart, just couldnt help myself - they were difficult to find roses, super healthy so I brought them home [Old Timer, Gingersnap, Circus, Cl. America which I love, Medallion, another favorite] They are still super healthy and growing big - but they all look rather alike....same coral/apricot color - Cl. America is sort of like its namesake, but just not sure. I should know better....but they were SO healthy and I took a chance. Still....they are all very pretty, even if most all are the same. The "Medallion" is very tall like the real Medallion - blooms dont look quite the same color and are not as large. Oh, whatever.....a pretty healthy rose is fine and good with me!


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alameda/zone 8

Here are a couple of photos of my bush of Orange Ice in bloom - they dont look like the photo - but it is a really pretty rose. Am sure it is either nameless or not actually Orange Ice - I keep remembering....I bought it from Walmart! Does it look like anything with a name to any of you?

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I purchased an Orange Ice floribunda from the Walmart in Marion, IN in April of 2009. I planted it in a flower bed in front of the duplex that my husband and I rented. We ended up buying a house(summer 2010), and I couldn't bear the idea of leaving that rose behind, so I dug it up. Unfortunately, I didn't plant it in a timely fashion (I'm a LAZY, inexperienced gardener, and it died in the pot that I transported it in. Or so I thought. I had left it alone in the hopes that it might spring back to life, but during late fall cleanup, I went ahead and yanked it out of the dirt to throw on the compost heap. I was SHOCKED to see that it had fresh, white roots. Unfortunately, even though I did replant it immediately, it did not resurrect. I've tried ever since then to find another one, to no avail. I still have the plant tag, but it has no scientific name associated with it.

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daisyhair(9 -Orlando)

I want some coral/orange roses..

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alameda/zone 8

Mine looks more like a mini or miniflora than a floribunda. It is still in a pot.....plan to get it in the ground soon. I think it will grow much better in the ground. Walmart should be getting their fall roses in soon - am going to check and see if they have any more of this one.

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Our Walmart gets nothing but Knockouts, and sorry-looking ones at that. Lowes and HD aren't much better. My little local nursery that carried roses on Fortuniana burned down, and they don't know if they're going to rebuild, so it's strictly mail order for me now.

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