Question about bare root planting

paulsiu(5a)March 25, 2012

I planted some columbine bare root. This is the first time I an planting bare root so I am not sure if I did it properly. The plant consist of a root and some sort of bean spout like thing at the other end. I planted it so that the root is in the ground and the bean spout is sticking out of the groud.

What happens now? Does the bean spout thingy get greener and becomes the stem?


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

what the heck is a columbine doing with a bean on it????

no picture huh???? i cant keep track of who has what reason for relying on words..

but safe to say.. if you put the roots in the ground.. you are 90% of the way to success ... plus water of course..

and otherwise.. w/o a pic.. all i can hope is that your been turns into a columbine ... and only time will tell


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

it took me about an hour.. to figure out the bean SPROUT thing ... wish you had a camera ...

are you saying.. that the thing came out of dormancy.. in the plastic package.. in total darkness and you have white albino sprouts???

if so ... you should have potted them.. and put them in the garage.. to temper them off to both temps and light .. during which time they would green up and be ready for planting at the proper time.. which is in about 3 weeks.

if any of that albino material gets hit with a frost.. it will die back ... and who knows if the roots will be able to resprout ...

i would dig them back up ... and this is the reason i keep some potting media in the around for potting .. along with the pots of course ...


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Yes, it came out of the package that way with an albino spout. I assume this mean it's not normal.


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I think Columbines can tolerate some cold. They do grow on mountains. The white should color up in a week or two.

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Maggie M.(z7 Sunset7 CA Sierra Foothills)

The sprouting thing means it started growing in the bag, you did the right thing. Columbine are pretty easy from seed - if you have decent topsoil, just sprinkle the seeds from this plant (when they form later) where you want them before the winter cold, and you'll have new plants.

Here is a link that might be useful: My blog

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

as to bigboxstore packages of plants..

check out the link..

open package.. and put it back if its filled with beansprouts ... and ... see link within this link ..


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brit5467(7b/8a Coastal VA)

Well Ken, hafta because I HAVE to buy my stuff in that condition due to finances (or lack I've got many a great plant (eventually) from Dollar General, Big Lots, those nasty little bags with sawdust and holes in them where it's grown out of it's comfort zone, all crunched up inside.

But I feels it's my duty to rescue 'em, plant 'em, and give 'em a good, loving

But seriously, I'd have never guessed the 'bean sprout' description was new growth but now that I think about it....that's EXACTLY what it looks like.

So Paul...I commmend you on figuring out the right thing. Were the bare roots still firm (not mushy or dried out?) and did you plant the main plant so that the lower white part was beneath the soil and the green part above? (You can sacrifice the bean sprout thingy if you didn't get that one right....wont' hurt it). You just don't wanna put too much green part DOWN too deep or vice versa...not too much white up too high. But if you DID, I wouldn't disturb it now. If it went thru living in a bag, it's probably tough enough to survive.

To be honest, I like buying abused and half-dying plants. I feel if they can survive in bad conditions then I've got a pretty good chance of not killing

Give it love and it will


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The root was firm and not mushy, neither was the white part. There was nothing green about the sprout, except the yellowish bit on the tip. I did not bury the white part though. I guess I was worry about crown rot.


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brit5467(7b/8a Coastal VA)

Sounds like you did it right. I have bought varieties of daylilies like that. When they've grown too long in the bag, the newer sprouting part is often white...I'm guessing due to lack of sunlight. So I do the same -- leave it up out of the ground because in ideal conditions it would have been

Again...good luck!


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