smoke bush: transplant now?

rigelcaj(z5 VT)August 10, 2012

Hi guys,

I've finally found someone who wants my smoke bush and can't wait to be rid of the thing. The darned thing was pretty small last year and is now not only about 8' tall but getting fatter. It's time. Besides, the ground is hard enough that my pickup won't leave marks in the yard when I pull it out. ;) However, it'd be nice if it survived, since she wants it. Can I transplant it now, or do I need to just deal for awhile and do it in the fall?


Now to find a home for the burning bush...


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

the burning bush is invasive in many area.. why dont you just pull it out.. AND BURN IT ...

if you are transplanting thru the use of a 4 wheeled gasoline powered vee-hickle.. of what difference is it.. if this is the right time.. ????

personally.. i dont move anything in august.. as night temps have the potential to be high ...

so i would recommend waiting 30 days or so ... when more predictable cooler fall nights will help ...

i think.. on some level.. they sucker.. if you can find a nice small .. already rooted sucker.. why dont you just give that to the friend.. and burn the big one while burning the other ...

the odds of a small sucker living.. is probably much higher than using the truck

but i am sure farmboy could chime in and give you all kinds of pointers regarding the use of a truck in the garden/transplanting .. lol ..


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rigelcaj(z5 VT)

Ha - Ken, you're overlooking one adventure. Burning it is what happens if moving it unceremoniously doesn't work. And it's FUN to transplant by truck. (My current success rate is 50%, but I've only moved 2 shrubs.) True, it's best not to do to a thing you care deeply about.

Your comment on the burning bush, though, prompted me to investigate whether it's invasive here, though I spend a lot of time in the woods and have never seen it there. Sure enough, it's listed. The burn pile will profit by that one, and good riddance. Thanks.

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Ummmm, ok. I'm confused. The op is asking about a SMOKE bush. What does a BURNING bush's invasiveness have anything to do with Cotinus? Two different things right?
Ken, I love your posts but sometimes I think I need a little bit of what you're burning ;)

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

right above his name.. in the OP..

now i have to find a home for the burning bush ...


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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

I have wandered around in the woods in the Berkshires near Stockbridge and Pittsfield, Massachusetts and saw a lot of Burning Bush growing as an understory shrub. Definitly invasive there and not too far from you.
It self seeds here also, but as far as I know, isn't listed as invasive...yet.
The Smoke tree or bush takes to pruning well. Here's one of mine. Pruned hard on the bottom, not so hard in the middle and none on top. It's in tight quarters and will be moved this Fall.
If I were you, I'd try to dig yours up before yanking it out with a truck. And I'd wait until it's dormant.

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