copper ridges viburnum

sunnytopAugust 25, 2011

My landscaper has suggested Copper Ridges viburnum which is new to their nursery this year. I can't find information online when I google it. Has anyone had any experience with this one? It is supposed to have magnificent fall coloration.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

if that is important to you .. then go pick the plant when it is in color ...

which is the next PROPER PLANTING time for your zone anyway ...

really now .. there is no hurry .... except for his boat payment being due before then .. lol ...

you might also try to find out what wholesaler is supplying the nursery .... and find their website ...


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Here's a more complete name: Viburnum plicatum tomentosum "Copper Ridges"

It doesn't seem like there is much info out there on the web currently, and Dirr doesn't mention it in his book on Viburnums.

"An impressive selection with heavily textured foliage that almost looks like a green ruffled potato chip. Bright white spring flowers after the leaves have emerged and maroon foliage color in fall. 6-8' tall & 6-8' spread."

Sounds to me relatively similar to other forms of Viburnum plicatum tomentosum which are great plants IME, though perhaps with more texture to the leaves. Not sure where the "copper" part comes in.

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Thanks for the info. I did get to see their stock and they were a coppery orange color with some red and a pinch of yellow. Pretty except lots of black spots from overhead watering. I was wondering about flowering, size, etc. but I decided it is apt to be too big for the area. IME viburnums get larger than the books say they will, but if I had room it looks like it could be fabulous as long as no overhead irrigation is used.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

Viburnum plicatum tomentosum "Copper Ridges" .. per above..

though leaf color can be variable.. and the basis of the name in quotes ...

flower size and berries should be consistent with the first 3 latin names ..... so just google those.. and flip to the images side for ballpark info on flowers ... the flowers may vary slightly as to color.. but it would be very rare that they vary as to size.. its in the genetics ....

it is not uncommon .. on state of the art plants.. to not be able to find the answers you are looking for ...


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Nice plant originated by Gary Ladman from Classic Viburnums near Kearney, NE. Not as wide as other VPT, but tall. Flowers and fruits like a champ, with darker copper leaves on new growth.

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Does it need a pollinator? My landscaper said only viburnums he's heard of that needs a pollinator are arrowwood. Does that sound right??

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Yes, it needs a pollinator for max fruit production. Any other Viburnum plicatum tomentosum will do. Shasta, Shoshoni, Magic Puff, Darts Red Robin, St. Keverne--those are all hardy and bloom well.

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It sounds perfect, not as wide but tall. It's a new variety originating in my neck of the woods. I'm going to get a Shoshoni for a pollinator. Thanks kevin_5.

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