Ninebark 'Summer Wine' for Harsh Climate

samnsarahAugust 21, 2012

I have posted about this side of my house before, and I am still researching it. I am in

South Central Kansas (zone 6b). The south side of my house gets full, hot sun from sunrise until approx. 6:30 P.M. during the summer, and the sun reflects off of the light colored concrete fiber siding. Anything I plant in this area will not only get that full sun and reflected heat, but it will also be subjected to wind from the south and west and to drought.

Does anyone, who has experience with Ninebark 'Summer Wine', know if this shrub would perform well in this particular climate? I tried a Weigela �Wine & Roses� there, but it just turned very green and scorched like the Garden Web member, bboy said it would. Would the Ninebark 'Summer Wine' do the same thing? I have a Ninebark 'Summer Wine' located in morning sun and afternoon shade. It was fairly dark, but a little bit on the green side when the temps were 100+ degrees this summer. Now that the temps are down to the low 90�s it has gotten a little darker. Perhaps that�s a clue as to how well it would not perform in the harsher climate. Well, any advice or tips you could give me would be appreciated.

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

The main concern would be the drought. They get powdery mildew like crazy if its humid and there are dry soil conditions.

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I have 3 Summer Wine ninebark in full sun positions. This summer in the Chicago area we had many days of temps in the high 90's or low 100's with very little rain. I did not give them any supplemenal water. The color stayed dark wine all summer, no browning. However, they are in good soil in a shrub border so no reflective heat issue. They are much tougher that weigela. I would definitely give Summer Wine a try.

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I have a Summer Wine in my back yard in full sun as part of a border. We have had a record breaking hot summer for our area and little rain. I watered it about once a week in the worst heat - and I just planted it last year so it is young, and it looks great. The color has remained the burgundy wine color and I really like it because it has weathered the hot summer really well. I am in a 5b climate.

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