Illinois : MARCH 10 Lily Society Talk in Joliet

linnea56(z5 IL)March 8, 2013

Joliet's Barber and Oberwartmann Horticulture Center will host our third free public session, "How To Put Glam in Your Garden With Lilies," at 1.30 PM, Sunday, March 10 at 227 N. Gougar Road, Joliet.

It will be followed by a lily bulb sale the next weekend from 8.00 AM to 2.00 PM on Sunday, March 17 as part of the Oberwartmann's Spring Garden Day.

The Lily Society's bulb sale offers those attending Oberwartmann's March 17 Garden Day a chance to buy a wide variety of lily bulbs at modest prices, including many left over from our Fall, 2012 Sale at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Those attending will have the chance to buy an assortment of lilies give them blooms all summer long. Written instructions will be available, and experts will be at the sale to answer questions.

Please âÂÂLikeâ the Lily SocietyâÂÂs new Facebook page, to receive further updates on events. Type âÂÂWisconsin Illinois Lily Societyâ into the search box

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

who is Lily Society?? what a peculiar name ... and what did she talk about ... herself i suppose.. lol ...

how did it all go..

do your GW posts actually get in anyone 'new'??


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linnea56(z5 IL)

IâÂÂm not sure! I was drafted this winter to be the media personâ¦.without really knowing what I can do that would not eat up all my time. I started the Lily Society Facebook page, but apart from that, the only thing I know to do is put notices on GW.

I do know a couple of people who live further away came to the fall bulb sale because they saw the listing I posted on GW last fall. They told the pres., which is probably why I got drafted.

Someone did join at the previous meetingâ¦but I donâÂÂt know how he heard about it; he didnâÂÂt say.

Lily is one obsessive gardener, and a real prima donna. But she is so lovely, and fits in so well, she can be forgiven. IâÂÂd like to think it was named after my aunt, who really was named Lily.

I will try to bump the notices down after they occur, but I had a class yesterday, got home late, and forgot.

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