most beautiful rose opinion?

pootpoot1(9B inland empire)March 27, 2014

If all conditions were perfect. What's the top most beautiful roses in your opinion? In terms of bloom. I think mine would be:
Red Eden
Juliet (even though it's not for sale)
Pompon veranda

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Paradise Found!! I love, love, love this rose!! Always different. Fantastic fragrance!!

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Chicago Peace is another gorgeous rose!!

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

And then there's Queen of Sweden!! Flowers last forever. Wow!

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pootpoot1(9B inland empire)

Very nice, Paradise Found is gorgeous!

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Iceberg. The white is so pure white and I love the honey fragrance.

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view1ny NY 6-7

canadian rose, your Queen of Sweden is beautiful. How tall does it get?

Here's Peace.

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view1ny NY 6-7

This is Oklahoma with black-red outer petals and a heavenly scent. The actual color is a darker red than in the photo.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Peace and Chicago Peace
Souvenir de la Malmaison and its nearly identical Mystic Beauty
Queen of Sweden and Munstead Wood

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Almost every rose I have is the most beautiful at some point, but the ones I've listed are the most consistently beautiful -

Peace, Pink Peace, Tiffany, Royal William (the color) and Bewitched.

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seil zone 6b MI

I can never answer this question. It's like choosing your favorite child. They're all beautiful and my favorite at one time or another. For me it's which ever one is blooming it's best at the moment.

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I love my tea roses best but I planted several white modern roses this year. Bolero is beautiful as well as Pope John Paul I I. Kronprincess Viktoria ( not a modern) is absolutely exquisite.

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Thanks Poot-Poot and View!! :)
ActuallyView - the height of my Queen of Sweden will be of ZERO help to you. :) I'm in zone 3 and I grow mine in pots. But I'll tell you anyway :) LOL - mine gets to about 3 feet high.

Love the Oklahoma and the Peace!!

I agree about Pink Peace - that's a beauty - and it smells like Fruit Loops!!

I sure wish I could have gotten Munstead Wood this year. It's beautiful!!

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SdlM - An absolute beauty! I don't know why, but I find it to have a more graceful look than most.

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Antique Caramel is one of my favorites.

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This is tough for me. I'd have to say, Louise Estes, Brinessa, SDLM, Rosa Rugosa and Tiffany Lynn. Those stand out.

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

This is always sooo tough, and it varies from year to year.

Absolutely at the top: Souvenir de la Malmaison

Potter and Moore: an old but luscious and small Austin

Mutabilis: big and impressive, almost everblooming, with a wild feel with its single blooms that change color

Le Vesuve: The quintessential large and impressive tea rose with deep pink blooms most of the year, love the small leaves that make it look more natural in my country garden setting

La France: a gangly bush so far but the color and shape of the flower are so "old rose" and the fragrance is citrusy and strong


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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

There are so many aspects to consider. The OP says "in terms of bloom". So I'm thinking about single blooms which just blew me away. Sadly, these roses are gone from my garden because "great single blooms" were their only positive quality.

1. Chicago Peace - every now and then it produced a bloom of the most amazing color(s) I have ever seen in any plant:

2. Adolf Horstmann - Near perfect form with another incredible assortment of colors. A weak plant that produced about five blooms annually:

3. Oklahoma - Giant blooms of intense red color and unbelievable substance:

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Gemini, while not my favorite, is my most beautiful. It is always awe-inspiring.

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I love Mermaid. Don't have the space at my new house, sadly. I echo Ingrid's vote for Mutabilis.

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I like the ones that include pictures, they are all gorgeous! It would be difficult to choose a favorite, but harryshoe, I have to say that is the most beautiful picture of Oklahoma I have ever seen!

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

For a modern rose, Moonstone is quite impressive (just to be different than picking Peace)

For an old rose,

SdlM is something

For an Austin

Golden Celebration is special

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Sylvia Weiser Wendel

Granada. $5 cheapie at Home Depot. Absolutely exquisite.
I have Queen of Sweden, Mister Lincoln, Molineux, Falstaff, Alnwick Rose -- all gorgeous.
Munstead Wood and Carding Mill haven't bloomed yet. Next week.
Granada has been the biggest pleasant surprise of the year so far.

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pootpoot1(9B inland empire)

Oh right, I forgot about Alnwick too. I was compelled to buy it for its beauty. Unfortunately, the fragrance is hardly there for me, and it's not the best for its repeat bloom.

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Since this is the Roses Forum and not the Antique Roses Forum I'm going to leave out the Old Garden and English (i.e. reproduction) Roses. The most beautiful modern rose I've ever seen was one that came off of STERLING SILVER. The bush was a dog and died on me but that first perfect blossom haunts me to this day. First and second runner ups are Double Delight and Tiffany.

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ArbutusOmnedo 10/24

Oh Molineaux, my grandfather's favorite rose was Sterling Silver. He worked near Portland in the 60s and there was a company rose contest which he apparently won with a Mister Lincoln in his first year growing roses. What a different time!

Every time I see a Sterling Silver I fondly think of him. It's one of my favorite moderns too.

I'll take moderns as HTs, Floribundas, Shrubs, and Miniatures:
'Garden Party'
'Rouge Royale'
'Distant Drums'
'Nymphenburg' -I think of it more as a Floribunda or Shrub than a HM.
'The Stranger' -Beth's pics are so incredible.
'Dark Night'
'Sheila MacQueen' -Blew me away at the Huntington last year.
'Gruss an Aachen'
'Mrs. Oakley Fisher'
'September Morn'


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Wow, lots of beauties! Some of my "most beautiful" ones are:












Of course, they're ALL beautiful, but there's not enough room to post them all! LOL

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Campanula UK Z8

usually, whichever one I am lingering over.
However, in my head, I carry a picture of the ur-rose - a synthesis of everything I find most heartbreakingly lovely. White (but will accept a blush or off-white/cream).
Single (the purity and perfection of that simple five-petalled shape resonates most powerfully for me.
A coronet of stamens, and if they are fulsome and lush, so much the better.
Fragrant - that sharp, sweetbriar spring fragrance is always better to my nose than heavy damasks fragrances....although I love myrrh and moschata also.
Great matte leaves - hate, hate huge plastic-looking shiny leaves.
Heps - a must have - not bothered by size or colour, I just want them.

So, my perfect rose would likely be a species, once-blooming rose such as Dupontii, Cantabridgiensis, Helenae, Paul's Perpetual White.............

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My favorites for beauty of flower are:

SDLM and its' sports Mme. Cornelissen and S. de. St. Anne

Radio Times


Flaming Peace

Red Intuition

Fragrant Cloud

alba semiplena

alba maxima

Secret Garden Musk Climber



Merechal Niel

Graham Thomas

All these plants have their drawbacks, the perfect rose not yet having been introduced, but I think the flowers of all the above are magnificent. I should mention an unknown rambler I got by accidentt from Eurodesert which I think might be one of the Dupontii.

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Jay, would you elaborate about why you like Nymphenburg? I have seen pictures but have never seen it in person, and would like to hear more about the color.
Can you compare it to some other hybrid musks like Felicia and Cornelia?

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ArbutusOmnedo 10/24

I think Nymphenburg is almost like an orange/apricot tinged light pink, more lax Cardinal Hume. However, I've read Nymphenburg is prone to be taller than wide. I've only seen it in person once, but it just struck me as a beautiful total package.

I've only had Cornelia for about 6 months now, but I would say Cornelia is a little purer pink, just lightly kissed by apricot. Cornelia will probably be more spreading if not controlled. Unfortunately, I dont yet grow Felicia. I've seen Felicia treated like a large Floribunda in pictures, but only much larger billowing shrubs in person. The flowers seem more similar to Felicia in that they are not small clusters on an inflorescence, but often singly borne blooms of moderate size. Some were a pail pink not too far off Felicia's usual tone, while others were wildly different. I like the variability.

I didn't catch its fragrance, but I was simply very impressed by the display a mature Nymphnburg put on. Many different tones within the orange, salmon, and pink spectra were all present in the blooms on what was a shapely, well foliated plant. I primarily enjoyed how healthy, how cheerily colorful, and how shapely Nymphenburg was. The full shrub shot on HMF from the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden is quite close to how I recall the shrub appearing in habit and quantity/quality of blooms. The one I saw was maybe 5' x 3.5' or 4'.


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Jay, thanks so much for the detail on Nymphenburg. Sounds like I need to try it.

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I,m not the expert that so many of you are and I don't have many to choose from; but my favorite is Mardi Gras. It isn't supposed to be hardy here, but this will be the fourth year and it appears to have come through this brutal winter. It's a mixture of rose, yellow, and orange. It has such a long bloom period and stands about 4 to 5 feet tall. It has heavy bloom for 2 to 3 weeks and then take a rest period. Then it starts all over again. This goes on all summer. It was getting ready for another bloom period last Oct and it had over 70 buds and flowers on it when frost finally came. Nothing else really compares to it.

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