anything to be done about sky rocket juniper?

moonie_57August 20, 2011

I'm not sure if it's winter damage or not, but the lower half of my sky rocket is brown, with maybe a flush of leaves on the end of the limbs. could y'all suggest what could be done to improve the appearance if anything? Would it get new growth if I were to prune those branches off?

I've read lots of how to prevent that problem but nothing on what to do about it.


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Sorry, I should have added a bit more info.

First, the sky rocket is approx. 4 ft., in a 5 gallon pot and will remain there until we are ready to do some landscaping. Unfortunately, there has been some stall in the project. Also, it gets full sun until about 3 PM. I'm pretty sure that this is not a watering issue but possibly winter damage.

I would just like to know how I can correct the appearance.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

first of all.. its a conifer not a shrub.. but i dont care where you post..

second its 4 feet tall in a tiny 5 gal pot.. its root bound and unable to use whatever moisture cant get in the pot ...

and.. it sounds like you have left the black pot in the sun for a long time.. its roots are baking ..

all.. w/o a picture .. leading to foliage damage ...

might change my mind if i could see it ....

finally.. most conifers are full sun... and it doesn't sound like it might be getting enough on its needles ... [as compared to the pot]

no clue if its worth pruning to offset the pot problems ...

also.. interior browning is normal and also.. juniper do have some propensity to tip blights and other things ...

again.. w/o pic.. its hard to tell.. but it might not be worth saving ... or for sure.. a prime spot in the landscape .... [i have 5 acres.. and i might throw it out back where i see it once a year.. but i might not put it next to the front door]



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I need to replace 3 arborvitae that succumbed to the OK heat and drought last summer. They had gotten too wide so it wasn't a huge loss. I need something that will be tall, narrow, and evergreen and the Sky Rocket sounds perfect BUT they will be on the north side of my house. No overhead shade, just the house on the south side. Will this be a problem?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i see you tarted your own post in the conifer forum.. good luck there ...


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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Why, exactly the one specimen is going brown needs to be discovered before an effective remedy can be employed. As indicated already there is more than one possibility, although not necessarily any that has been mentioned so far. Rocky Mountain junipers (and some other kinds of junipers) planted in my area do often display browning and gauntness, as well as algae on the older foliage. And 'Skyrocket' is often not so skinny as depicted. So it might work best for you to just go with a different kind of plant, when you get around to it.

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hey moonie_57,
I was going to give you a nonsensical lecture as to whether a conifer is a shrub and not posting a pic but someone beat me to it.
Speaking from the mid-Atlantic area, I have never seen any selection of Rocky Mountain Juniper do well here. Maybe our summers are just too hot and sticky.
The damage you described is not from cold, this plant can take all the cold you have in NC and then some.
Your plant is vulnerable to phomopsis but that usually browns the tips first, not the interior.
Browning can be caused by red spiders but that usually happens during a prolonged, dry spell in the summer.
Pet urine can cause foliage to turn brown.
Salt spray from winter ice can become airborn and cause many evergreens to brown, this is usually only on one side.
I have never heard of conifers regenerating growth from the base, keep this in mind if you decide to cut the branches.
If you decide to buy another juniper consider a selection of Juniperus virginiana This is our eastern Red Cedar which is remarkably adaptable with some forms which do not bronze in the winter.

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