When is the best time to move my Barberry Bush?

gardenbug(8b)August 18, 2011

Berberis Thunbergi Cultivar (Barberry)

Zone 8b, British Columbia.

I need to move my Barberry to another location so it will get more sun. When is the best time to move it? I'm planning on putting it on the north east (outside) corner of my lawn, nearest to the road (not by the house) It gets morning and afternoon sun there. Any suggestions on transplanting my shrub before I do this? Thanks for your help.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

if there is no hurry ..

when the deciduous trees turn color.. most plants are dormant above.. and that is the key ... try to avoid stressing the leaves on it ...

if you have a cool fall.. you can do it up to a month earlier.. with proper aftercare ... and a forecast of no heatwaves ...

water deep into fall .. if not all winter in your zone.. insuring SOME DAMPness ... but not wet ... and mulch well ...

other than that.. i have personally tortured the bee-gee-bees out of some barberry.. and i doubt you can kill it if you try ... but they were not pretty for a long time. .. lol ...


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Thanks Ken,
I'll wait a bit. No, there isn't any hurry. Like an idiot I planted it too close to my climbing roses. By the time I made it through the Barberry thorns to get to the rose thorns, I had the b'jesus scratched outta me. lol

ps. I noticed my barberry is going from red to green now. It's not dormant yet. So, are you saying I should wait until it is dormant? We sure don't have to worry about dampness in our winter months. The weather here is much the same as Seattle. Wet!! Thanks Ken.

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I moved my Barberry Rose Glow just this spring in April. Well before it broke dormancy I found the root ball wasn't complicated and was able to negotiate carefully under the root then it popped out with the shovel(and gloves).
I gave the new hole a mix of compost, original soil and teaspoon of bonemeal.
That window of opportunity is, I'd say early spring. Others would prefer fall but that's my experience.
It's doing great now with more room to spread out!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

So, are you saying I should wait until it is dormant?

==>>> i will defer on your specific zone as to timing..

but to answer your question ....

you will be cutting off a vast majority of its roots ...

if its dormant.. or the leaves are fallen off.. then it can get down to business and grow roots for next summer ... with me so far ... which a lot of trees and shrubs do all winter.. but for my ground freeze ...

if you do it when it is actively growing.. its going to struggle to maintain the leaves.. with the reduced roots ... in the worst scenario.. it simply sheds those leaves.. and grows some roots..

and may or may not reflush .. but reflushing leaves.. in fall .. is wasting a lot of energy.. that it should be storing for next spring.. rather than releafing..

TIMING is EVERYTHING .... unless you have no other option ... but it is still everything at that point.. but you have other priorities ...

i can try again if i am still being vague..


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Hi Ken You're not vague at all. Good luck with that transplant

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Hi Ken,
Thanks for all you're help. Nope,you're not being vague at all. You're explanation has been most helpful to me. At least now I know I can either transplant in the fall after it goes dormant or in the early spring before it breaks dormancy. Much appreciated.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

since you do not have what i would call winter.. lol .. and no ground freeze. i would do it as soon as possible.. after the leaves fall off other trees.. giving it as many months as possible to grow roots.. rather than waiting until next spring.. and hoping it will grow a good root system before the heat hits ...

if no one here can give you a specific time for your zone .... call your county extension office and ask them ...

thx.. you are welcome.. good luck


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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

It's 3 yrs since your posts here, ken, but i am following your lead re moving 2 of my rosy glows.Will wait for fall. What an articulate and helpful person you continue to be! thx much.

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