Sand cherry...prune it back for a fuller appearance

cadillactasteAugust 11, 2013

Last year we moved this shrub away from the walnut tree. Thought it had died and cut it back hard...thinking to replace it this spring. To my surprise it rejuvenated!

This is what we now have...should I take 1/3 of the branches down in a pruning or more? Desiring to make a fuller shrub.

I have two more photos to share...for a better visual.

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No clue what to do with it...

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I had originally cut it back less than 12 inches making a rounded shape. So I was surprised when it bloomed this spring looking like some sort of annual flower it was so small. To now have it seen over the waterfall and blowing in the wind shocking! But wish to if possible...make it fuller.
Any advice is appreciated.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i would leave it be....

its just getting re-established.. after the transplant.. and now you want to go whack off most of its leaves ...

think about this next fall ...

its actaully .. growing in its native... normal structure.. and now you want to force what you think will be better for it ... i learned long ago.. its usually better to let the plant soprt such out .. instead of me.. creating all kinds of problems...

as paul said.. let it be ....


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Be kind to it. Let it grow the way it wants to grow, which is not into a rounded shape. Prunus cistenas are short lived as it is. Let this one alone for whatever time it has left.

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Alrighty then...thanks! It looks far better than it ever did near the walnut.

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We were discussing that it had been under that walnut for a good 7 may not have much life left in we'll wait it out...and plant either a Harry Lauder or Red Majestic in its place...when that time comes. So though it will be sad...we will be excited to put something else in its place...but with it fighting and pulling through...we'll let it live out the rest of its time in the proper setting.

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My experience has been that Corylus species (Harry Lauder's genus) fares poorly near a Black Walnut. The squirrels plant lots of the Filberts (several species and hybrids) all over the place, but not a single one grows near the walnut. Also, I strongly suspect that the walnut juglone killed 2 Harry Lauders that were planted too close (about 30 ft.).

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cadillactaste interesting and good to know. Was reading a bit about blight also know with the Harry Lauder...and my area has seen a lot of it. So maybe one sadly I'll have to pass on.

Well the sand cherry is still going strong...especially since we've relocated it. I have time to figure out what to plant there then...scratching Harry Lauder off my wish list.

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