Disease on Viburnum Tinus

charlesinsc(8a)August 24, 2012

Each year I get this disease on three viburnum tinus. It primarily occurs on the side with the least sunlight and eventually affects almost half of the plant. Can anyone identify? The healthy leaves are dark and medium green in color and the shrubs are otherwise very healthy.

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Probably mites by the look of it. Mite damage on evergreen viburnums tends to be exacerbated by shade :-)

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Sara Malone Zone 9b

Some of mine get thrips and the damage looks very similar...as noted by gardengal, exacerbated by shade. One just couldn't kick it so I cut it down to almost nothing and moved it to a sunny location and it grew back and never had a problem again.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

basically.. whichever it is.. some sucking insect.. usually on the reverse of green leaves.. is sucking all the vital juices out of the leaves.. leaving them to the weather to brown like that ...

so if you can find some better leaves.. check those.. as there is nothing left to suck out of your examples ...

could we see the whole plant??


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