Need help identifying this pine tree-like multi-trunk shrub

agurkas(5)August 3, 2014

So I have this 10' tall shrub/tree in front of my driveway and I either move it or get rid of it, since my wife really hates how it blocks view of our daughter's play yard.

What is this shrub/tree and how "movable" is it? If it has deep roots, I probably need to get rid of it. There are so many rocks in our soil, it is absolute hell even digging 3 foot deep ditch.

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It looks to be one of the mugos neglected for a couple of decades. Cut the ropes and cut it down to the ground or you'll have something akin to the ex-planet Pluto to contend with.

It won't regenerate - you've got no needles beneath the rope line to work with... in the event you considered it. If you don't need the space to plant something else, I wouldn't bother trying to dig it out. A hand ax will take out what's left of the branch stumps a bit below ground level.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

not worth moving.. kill it ...

if you cut it to the ground.. it will be dead.. dont even need to treat the stump with killer...

i see enough space in the pic.. to find it hard to believe.. that you would need to plant something directly in that spot ... just move over a foot or two.. in either direction ...

your odds of success are under 25% .. so why waste 8 or 10 hours of digging??

and its surely not worth a couple hundred dollars to hire a tree spade ...


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