nastarana(5a)March 19, 2012

I received a coupon for one rose from Witherspoon for joining the American Rose Society.

But, I am wondering, if they graft onto fortunia, can the plant survive in zone 5, heavy soil. What if I planted deeply, would that help?

They have Rhonda, also some nice rugosas.

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

I've purchased from Witherspoon before, they have nice plants. and they don't graft onto fortunia. I couldn't tell you if they use Huey or Multiflora, but I say go for it :)

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Thank you. I shall.

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I'm almost sure they sell their roses grafted on Dr. Huey.

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Definitely Dr Huey.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Dr. Huey, but the OGRs and minis may be own root, I can't find my catalog at the moment. I have received excellent plants from Witherspoon, never a problem.

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WITHERSPOON GAVE ME RRD!!!!!! I live in North Caronlina, and purchase from their retail location. They have RRD infected wild roses growing on / near their property AND DO NOT CARE. I was forced to tear out half of my rose bed, and planted Dhalias for 2 years. This company did offer to replace the sick plants with new ones, but told me that this has happened to several people, and is "just one of those things like blackspot". Ethically I would NEVER do business with this company again, and I hope you wouldn't either. Save yourself the hassel and headache, and buy from one of the respected nurseries selling own-root or fortuniana grafts.

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April Showers,

The Witherspoon experience you report here is very alarming -- especially the cavalier comment about RRD being "just one of those things like blackspot".

From what I can deduce from your post, the incident you describe occurred at least 2 or 3 yrs ago, is that correct? And, am I right in assuming that the infected roses were purchased as leafed-out, actively growing containerized plants?

It's my guess that all of Witherspoon's bareroots are supplied to them by Weeks shortly before shipping season begins. Does anyone here know if there's any recorded instance of dormant bareroots being infected with RRD?

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Oh, my goodness!! You are quite sure, April Showers, that the RRD did come from a plant you bought from Witherspoon? Did you report them to your state agriculture department? RRD is just begnning to show up in NY, and I do not want to be importing more of it. You can see the pretty but deadly multiflora growing along roadsides in early spring.

I have not ordered yet. I shall have to buy my Rhonda from Northland Rosarium, who also have Pink Meidilland.

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odie96(z7b SC)

APRIL!!! OMG, I hope I didn't read correctly. I have bought twelve or thirteen roses from them this year and have been very satisfied. I've been buying from them for years and have never been disappointed in their plants. In fact, I've stated on here how much I love them. OK, I will NOT panic until I speak with them in the morning. BTW, their garden at their facility in Durham is beyond gorgeous!

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Yes, I am sorry that I didn't clarify in my original post. Yes I purchased leafed out containerized plants a couple years ago. The bare roots, as far as I know, come from Weeks. They don't acctually propogate plants to my knoledge. I was just so throughly frustrated by my experience. Not all my plants I recieved from them were infected, so, if you are purchasing bare-roots I do not think you will have the same problems. I appologize for causing any undo stress to anyone. Hopefully my experience was an exceptional one, and not the norm.

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I've ordered from them only a couple times over the yrs. Only when they have something no one else has. Their roses are too expensive and basically mostly ones you can get anywhere else. Two yrs ago I ordered their own RK WITHERSPOON and SECRET'S OUT before it was released elswhere. SECRET'S OUT ended up being a deep pure hot pink rose. I emailed them about it and they emailed back saying they would replace the rose the next spring. Well, that was last spring, and they never sent me the replacement rose. I will never order from them again. I do think I've ID'd the pink rose tho. I'm pretty sure it's VOLUPTUOUS, which is ok. It's a very pretty rose. But I paid quite a lot for SECRET'S OUT and didn't get it, and they obviously could care less.

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beth, I agree about the prices and the ordinariness of the selection. I have, however, been looking for Rhonda.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

I would reaffirm the point about their bareroots being no danger. These plants were grown in the West, shipped to NC, and kept in cold storage.

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I am sorry to read the comment about the roses that our customer has received from Witherspoon. We try very hard to keep our entire inventory clean and to pull out anything that may have a problem. Rosette over the last few years has become a problem for all rose lovers across the country. We encourage people to find the source of the virus infected rose and eliminate that plant. Rosette is a virus that is carried by a mite by wind currents which at times can make it hard to find the infected plant. Each year we have in house training in late March through the first of April for our staff and talk in detail about rosette. It is a serious concern for us and the rose community and we need to work on communicating this concern.
As for the root stock concern our roses come from Weeks and Star and are on Dr. Huey root stock or on their own root stock and none on fortuniana. The numbers of roses we root is limited and are grown in the greenhouse where we can monitor each one very closely and have not had an issue with those plants.
If anyone has purchased a potted rose from Witherspoon that has an issue, please contact us as soon as possible to receive a replacement. We want to do our best to enhance your life with beautiful roses.

David Pike

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Very nice response Mr. Pike. I hope to visit your retail center the next time that I am over your way!

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Please contact us at your earliest convenience with your shipping address so we can get your Secrets Out to you. We are terribly sorry for the confusion and hope you will help us resolve the problem.

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The free rose is their own rose, R. W. Witherspoon, undoubtedly a fine rose, as it is a sport of another fine rose. Unfortunately, I don't have room for it.

$24.99 plus shipping is a little rich for me, unless for a unique cultivar not offered anywhere else.

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