Boxwood: signs of over-watering...

patiomaiden2008August 30, 2012

I am not sure whether I'm "over-watering" or "under-watering" my boxwood. Would appreciate advice on what the signs are for each. Thanks!

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The overt signs are very similar - wilting, yellowing of foliage from the base upwards, no new growth, the newest foliage drying and browning. Underwatered plants will perk up or look less wilted after a watering - overwatered plants will not. Overwatering also results in a general fading or paling of the foliage color. It can also create more obvious fungal issues on the plants and algae or liverwort growth on the soil surface.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

the problem with overwatering.. is that you have the potential to rot all the roots off.. before you realize its off color .. and the success of restoring health.. with little or no roots.. is.. low ...

dig a hole next to the plant.. 3 to 6 inches deep ... and i will yell.. FIND OUT HOW WET THE SOIL IS .. or dry

crimminey ... you spent more time typing out a post.. than it would take.. to check your soil???!!!

why are you guessing.. or wondering ... dig a hole ...

and then.. water accordingly ...

good luck

i am joking around so please dont get offended .. but i worry peeps think i am angry .. why would i be ..

and never forget.. spraying the leaves with water [what some peeps call 'watering'].. may or may not get water to the root system.. and that is why the hole must be in the ground.. as compared to anywhere else ...


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