Does anyone have a Dripworks system?

gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)March 31, 2012

I'm thinking about getting a Dripworks irrigation system. Anyone have one and how do you like it?


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

how about a link ... are you thinking about one of their specific packages???

i have irrigation.. drip irrigation.. on hosta..

i dont know what you want to know otherwise ...


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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

Basically, I'm wanting to know if anyone uses any of their products for drip irrigation, if they're pleased with its performance, if it lasts for a reasonable period of time, if it's worth the money, how it compares in price and performance to other irrigation systems.

I have no idea which system I should get. I would have to ask the company that. With the exception of the hosta beds, all my beds are mixed beds with plants that have differing water needs, like roses and salvias in the same bed.


Here is a link that might be useful: Dripworks

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

hmmmm ....

you are correct in having a multitude of plants with differing needs causing problems ...

my irrigated beds are all hosta ... so i dont have that problem ...

i hate what they did to their website ... try the one at the link .. there are tutorials down near the bottom left ...

and look into the top link related to KITS ....

limit your thinking to ONE SINGLE BED... buy a kit.. and see what you can accomplish ... perhaps your overwhelmed with trying to do it all at once ... and if it all comes to you.. then go to bed 2 ....

i would suggest this one:

unless there is a larger version of it.. that you think would be better ....

i would forget about electronics.. and if you are on a well there are other considerations [like your bladder tank, and a filter on the spigot] .... the day i am too old to go turn on the spigot .. and twist a couple ballcocks.. is the day i quit worrying about the plants ... lol ...

i would also suggest.. that your first consideration ... is a supply line from the spigot.. down around your gardens.. so that any place you want to add a zone ... you have the water supply already there ...

seriously .. for $50 .. just order a kit.. and give it a try .. otherwise.. you will be inundated to kingdom come.. with too much info.. and too few specific answers ..


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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I have a drip irrigation system purchased from Dripworks that waters two raised beds and most of the potted plants I summer outdoors every year.

I talked to them about basic needs 5 years ago or so when I installed it and they were helpful. I didn't buy a package, but got all the parts and tubing needed to get me going, which I've added to some in following years. It's pretty durable, and has survived several winters outdoors.

You can look them up on the D_G review site.

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usha_srinivasan(z5/6 SE MI)


I am mostly a lurker here but your post got my attention.

I have used the dripworks irrigation kits and grown to really like them. They are well built for zone 5 garden (I store them indoors over winter).

They take some time to set up but once done I have found them quite easy to use. I have a pretty basic system, no electronics.

I think I bought one of their heart of the garden kits and a
emitter system for large beds (you have to buy both to make a complete system, or you can put one together yourself). I have only had them for two years so dont know about long term use. Their customer service is very helpful.

hope that helps

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northerngirl_mi(Z5 MI)

Don't have dripworks products, but have installed drip irrigation - individual emitters, 'shrubblers', and mini-sprayers in several large mixed perennial beds and foundation plantings. Have NOT done 'drip-tape' that emits every 18 inches or whatever...

1. Ken's right when he says just pick something and try it.
It's really pretty easy to install, test, and continue tweaking. start with one bed, see what you like and what you don't. You can get started for not a lot of money, then decide what you want to do in other beds.

2. I don't think there's probably huge differences from one brand to another... And if you go with the 'mainline' tubing, you can always use some other brand of emitters or sprayers down the road if you want. Mainline and hose bib connector are all common stuff - their emitters are pressure regulated (that's good)... probably where differences will come in to play between brands is when you get into mini-sprayers...

3. I've had stuff I've installed for probably 10 years. Only issue is that emitters / spray heads sometimes get blocked with small grains of sand and need to be cleaned out or replaced. probably best to bury the mainline under mulch to protect from UV rays, and for aesthetics - but leave the emitters on top of mulch or just uncovered so you can occasionally check to make sure you're getting water flow without blockage.

4. I leave it permanently installed - don't bring in for winter... but have regular lawn irrigation too, and when they come to winterize the lawn sprinklers, I have them blow out the lines with compressed air. others can give you more insight on winterization.

Don't stress or overthink - think of it as a fun trial!
Z5 northern Michigan

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i have both what i rec'd.. and drip tape ..

tape is a very specific product for growing in lines.. it must be flat.. and can not turn corners ... it was actually developed in Israel ... to grow veggies in the desert ... it also requires pressure reduction.. simply forget about it ...

the techline is self pressure compensating ... self cleaning.. goes up and down hills.. and around the garden ...

your only limit is the pressure out of the spigot ... and the number of drippers ...

and there is one trick.. and that is how to unwind it.. and i will tell it to you.. when you get that far ...

i would simply shop price.. your link.. or mine.. or any of the other equivalents ... its all the same stuff ...


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A consideration: we installed emitters when the garden was young. As it matured it was not a satisfactory system. The now-larger shrubs and really big perennials blocked the water and there were always dry areas on the "other" side of the plants.

Eventually stopped using them and are replacing with soaker hoses.

I loved the system for the first 5 or so years.

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northerngirl_mi(Z5 MI)

It is true that as plants mature you will need to adjust your system... maybe run it longer, maybe add more emitters or higher flow emitters around plants that have grown substantially. But if you install the system yourself, you'll develop confidence, and will tweak as needed... some plants may need more water than others due to size, nature of plant, amount of sun, etc, etc...

Go for it!

Z5 northern MI

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Yes, we have hanging baskets on our pergola hooked up with a Dripworks system that we bought at Home Depot a few years ago.

Love it.

Also have our only food gardening space all hooked up. Going to expand...

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northerngirl_mi(Z5 MI)

Ditto the comment above re baskets...If you do pots on a deck or hanging baskets, the drip irrigation is a godsend!

Z5 northern MI

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