When to Transplant Established Mums

samnsarahMarch 20, 2012

I have a bunch of mums along the east side of my house. I planted them last year, and they were gorgeous. That side of my house receives morning sun and afternoon shade and is partially protected from wind and frost, so the mums thrive there. Anyway, we had a very mild winter here in South-central Kansas and my mums were already emerging in mid-January. They are already 6-7 inches tall, so I pinched them yesterday evening. I was going to dig some of them up and transplant them in the same area but in places where there are gaps. Do you think it would be okay to transplant them this Saturday, 3/24/12?

I am in zone 6a, which doesn't mean as much as the climate I am in. Here in SC KS it rarely gets below 55 degrees after March 15th. We have had frost and rain but barely any snow and the summer in this part of the state usually equates to drought and humidity. I also have rich sandy-loam soil. I didn't amend it at all and used no fertilizer, but the mums still looked great. Please let me know if you think it is safe for me to transplant yet or not. I appreciate any advice you could give me.(Copy and paste the URLs below to see the photos)



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Outstanding stand of 'mums!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i think you are over-thinking it ...

just take a big gob of soil with the plant ..

and keep them deeply watered for a week or two ...

and you should be all set ...

due to the bolting.. they are a bit ahead of schedule.. but what can you do ...

its all about the least impact to the root system.. and a big gob of soil would help avoid such ...

and it is good to do it right after pinch back.. since there is less leaf mass for the disturbed roots to cope with.. while the roots start working again ...

as to whether saturday itself is OK .. i will leave that part up to you ...


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lol Ken, you're right I do tend to overthink when it comes to gardening. Thanks for your advice. I feel comfortable now in transplanting them. I'll also keep the mulch around the new transplants to help protect the roots.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

and do make note of that highly technical gardening term:


its imperative that your transplants have said GOB... to insure ease of moving ...

its the fact that say .. 90% of the roots are never really dug out of the soil ...

its like they will never know they were moved ...

unfortunately.. now that i live on sand.. its hard to take a GOB.. as the sand tends to fall off.. no matter what i do ...

GOB-ness RULES!!!


ps: gold star for highest use of GOB in one post ... lol .. but now i am getting silly

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I will make sure that when I dig up the gob of mums that I also take a GOB OF SOIL with them. I will then take the GOB OF SOIL from the place I am going to transplant the gob of mums and put it where the original GOB OF SOIL came from. This way I won't be missing any GOBs OF SOIL in my flower bed. GOBless spots in my flower may create erosion, and I certainly don't want that.
Wow, ken, that was hard to say and write. I'm all GOBed out.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i believe you have out gobbed me.. lol

forget the star.. gold medal performance.. or maybe.. a gold gob.. instead of a medal ...


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