KrisL13March 13, 2013

My husband used our tiller in a garden that has hostas. Will they survive and come back?

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Likely bits will survive if he didn't till it too much and if the hostas were pretty big. Hosta is pretty tough. At least the older cultivars are. Newer ones maybe not so tough

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

one of the most active forums on GW.. is the hosta forum ...

where you will read.. that 'hosta can grow on the driveway' ...

i would be completely surprised if they dont come back ...

the only question would be in what form.. and size.. based on how thoroughly he pulverized them...

come on over to the hosta forum.. should you wish to be enabled...


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tepelus z6a SW MI

LOL @ Ken!


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Ken wrote: come on over to the hosta forum.. should you wish to be enabled.

I can attest to this statement. I am not even a big fan of hostas but while over there earlier this year I was convinced to acquire "Liberty" hosta for this spring (supposedly the hosta for the non-hosta lover ;)).

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

BTW ... but for some minor hormone manipulation..

all hubby did.. was in-ground tissue culture .. lol ...

which simplistically stated.. is slicing a mother plant into a million pieces ....


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Hijack here.... Rouge - do you have a' Jack Frost' brunnera? Last year I found the perfect hosta companion for it - 'El Nino'. I have a small area in front of white pines that I want to make quite silvery. It'll take awhile before the hosta catches up to the Jack Frost and the Branford Beauty fern is so small as to be almost invisible in the picture below but I think it will all work nicely eventually. I like trying to make themed 'pictures' with plants, including hostas as I have lots of shade.

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Hijack away 'woody'! I really enjoy reading of your thought processes re plant selections and positioning.

I do have one "JK" Brunnera and I love it. And as I bet I have mentioned in another thread on GW, this was the first shade loving plant for which I finally realized that foliage could be such an integral part of a garden.

(I have included a picture of mine below).

Thanks for that suggestion of the "El-Nino" hosta and it seems we do think a bit alike as I had already ordered two "Liberty" hosta and two "Silver Heart" brunnera for placement in a new shade garden for this spring.

Maybe I can pick your brain re other plants you love for shade!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Rouge - I love shade plants! You could regret asking... :-) 'Liberty' looks like it could be a difficult one to pair something with because the edge supposedly changes from yellow to creamy white over the season. Actually last year I bought a hosta that is supposed to do that. I can't remember its name and can't find the tag. Maybe it's Liberty....! Behind the silver area in the picture above, I'm in the process of trying to make a 'golden path' leading under the pines. If you look closely at the picture above, you can see a young golden 'Full Moon' Japanese maple with golden forestgrass in front of it - those are the start of the golden path area. I planted the hosta that is supposed to change from yellow to cream edge near there to serve as a transition plant to tie the silver and golden areas together. I hope it works - it'll take a couple of years to see how it looks once the areas are more established.

I have not been keen on yellow-foliaged plants in general because they always have looked sickly to me! But I had a 'lightbulb moment' a couple of years ago on a local garden tour where I saw golden forestgrass paired with a yellow tree peony. Yellow looked great with yellow! I've been wanting to make a golden garden ever since. I started working on this one a year ago. In addition to the JM, golden forestgrass, and the transition hosta (whatever it is), there will be yellow-green heucheras (if the @#$%! rabbits ever let them survive the winter!), Sum and Substance hosta, some yellow-variegated euonymus, and anything else that strikes my fancy and has the right color! This is a bad picture of pairing a yellow-edge hosta (Francis Williams) and golden forestgrass, but shows the yellow-with-yellow that appeals to me:

Much of the shade garden is green and white. White corydalis seeds itself around and has become the main groundcover in many areas. You can see it here with the fringetree in the patio blue hosta bed. The white in the bed in the background is Persicaria polymorpha (which grows surprisingly well in shade).

And here is white corydalis (amongst other things) along the path under the oak, heading to the 'wet corner' in late May:

I like Japanese painted fern in combination with the dead-common Palace Purple heuchera - the heuchera goes nicely with the dark center of the fern.

As spring approaches, one of the things I most look forward to is the return of the trilliums. This is one of my favorite combinations:

The trilliums like the conditions here and are multiplying by both offsets and seedlings. But it will be many, many years before they achieve the look of those in the nearby woodlot:

I could go on ad nauseum! Your 'my page' says you're in Canada and I have the impression you're maybe near Toronto...? If so, you're always welcome to come check out our garden in person if that might be of interest to you.

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'Woody', thank you so much for taking the time to post those pictures...they are wonderful. I would love to be standing in that field of very Ontarian of you ;).

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