Do you garden in the back and front,

yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)March 31, 2011

and what style garden do you have?

I have perennials, clematis, another favourite, and dwarf trees out front. I lean toward cottage garden style, but really love the look of a garden bordered by a neat row of dwarf conifers. I guess that's more like a mixed garden. For winter interest I also have evergreen plantings throughout the garden. Then I fill in the rest of the spots with lots of perennials. It's taking a long time to get the look I want, but I'll keep tweaking it until it looks similar to the picture in my head.

I have a small veggie patch out back, but will be adding some roses, and a few perennials when I can.

What about you? Where do you garden and what's your style?


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marquest(z5 PA)

I have a old house Tudor style. This is the third house I have owned. I tend to plan my gardens to the style of the house. That said...

This Tudor style house I have a formal style in the front that consist of evergreen, rhododendons, azaleas, and various flowering bushes. My main garden of flowers and my wild side is in the back yard.

I do not have a style I like things to look right for the setting. It is like not wearing a prom dress to a business meeting.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

In front of the right house, done well, I always prefer seeing a wild cottage-y garden though I've never tried to do it myself. I usually do a fairly sedate front yard with "tidy" shrubs and flowers like sedum, geraniums, pansies, bulbs. In the back yard it's always been anything goes.

Where I live now has no beds in front & I'm not inclined to make any... yet. I haven't been here long & this is the first year I really had time to do anything. But I do have a big front porch with pots (pansies, with caladiums and dahlias just starting to poke through) going all the way across the front of it, some hanging petunias too.

Also have a very visible side yard where I have a bed with a few roses, tiger lilies, mums, and trying (again) to get some butterfly bushes rooted there. Hopefully the morning glories will come up again on the fence at the edge.

In the back I have a nightmare-in-progress: Veggie garden in newly-tilled wiregrass. Heck no, it's not dead, but easy to remove as it starts to grow back. I knew this would happen since I didn't kill the grass first, I know, I know, it was my only option to do veggies this summer. It will take at least until next year to get this right but wiregrass never gets tall, I should still get my veggies.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I garden in the back and the front. I guess I have a mixed garden overall. I tend to choose plant material by other criteria than 'style'. Low maintenance, native, etc. I have a shrub border, a long mixed perennial/shrub bed and a vegetable garden in the back, that is all raised beds. The front is the only area on the property that has full sun all day, so I've had a perennial garden there for over 15 years, bordering the walkway on one side and the driveway on the other, with a small area of grass. I'm planning on expanding that front garden this year. We started covering some of the grass with a lasagna bed last fall and I'm hoping to finally get around to getting out some old overgrown foundation shrubs and redoing the foundation plantings. I'm also going to put some vegetables in the front for the first time this year. I hope to do it in an attractive way, We'll see how it all works out.

I think I would prefer a shrub, tree planting in the front with a great porch and containers and vines and keep the rest of the gardening in the back. If my property had full sun in the back, I probably would have stuck with that.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I garden in front and back. Both mixed trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs. I am a collector rather than a landscaper. I'd have no lawn in front and much taller shrubs between trees except DH objects. He likes to see the neighbor's crappy houses, yards and parked cars for some odd reason. I'd prefer to see plants. I've been fighting him on this for the seventeen years we've lived here....

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I started with 2 4ft squares in the back yard for veggies. Later added longer rectangular beds and flowers. One year DH asked if I would consider expanding the beds so he didn't have to mow the slight slope. Soon the back yard was full of perennials and veggies. Friends would comment on the lovely flowers and remark that I should have some in the front so others could see them.

There was one tiny bed in the front that was here when we moved in that I added a few bulbs and annuals to each year. So, when quack grass in the lawn needed digging out I expanded that bed into a large cottage style island. Now there are other beds in front and the grass is slowly disappearing. I have added ornamental grasses and bushes and more flowers.

We are on a street which is part of a mile walk around the pond. I get many compliments on my front gardens from people walking by and some stop to visit. Lately, I have seen other neighbors adding more plants to their front yards as well.

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I've always had dogs - big ones who need a lot of room and tend to trample plants - so I've always been a front yard gardener. This is our second house (bought it three years ago), and we have more sun in this backyard, as well as more room for the boys (dogs) to run, so now I'm gardening in the back too! I love it - I've never had an attractive backyard before. :) I don't actively discourage the boys from going in the beds, but for some reason they tend to step around the plants. Well, unless they're chasing a squirrel, and then their manners go out the window...

I'm going for an Asian garden look in the backyard. Several Cryptomeria and Japanese Maples, Heucheras, ornamental grasses and, although not really Asian per se, a collection of thornless and climbing roses.

I'm not sure the front really has a particular style. I'm trying now to work in more year-round interest into all the gardens. I have a fall color garden with Beautyberries, Limelight Hydrangea, yellow and red twig Dogwoods (for winter interest), Fothergilla, etc. Last fall I interplanted the shrubs in that bed with about 12 varieties of Daffodils. It looked great this spring!

On one side of the house I have a white garden. In front of our sidewalk I have a perennial garden outside the front door. I really seeing flowers out the front door.

Another thing I've been trying to do in this house is pay attention to views out windows. We have a lot of opportunities to plant outside our windows, so that's something I'm really enjoying. I often place shrubs or trees, then go inside to see how it looks from there before planting.

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